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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on October 30, 2010

There was a time when if you went to buy a CD/DVD of a FIFA game series for PC, it would cost you about Rs.2000. So the only option left for majority of game lovers was to either buy a pirated game from a roadside vendor for about 10% of the actual price or download it illegally from the internet free of cost. The Result : Piracy and Copyright violations, loss of business to the game publishers.

The reason was that it was a marketing mistake. The dollar value of the game DVD was actually converted to Rupees and sold in India. For a country like India Rs.2000 for a PC game is a bit too high so Sales would suffer. The job of marketing is to fulfill the needs of the customer and making it practical for both-Buyer and Seller.

The scene has changed. Now if you go today to an electronic store and buy a FIFA game,you will get the original DVD with goodies for Rs 999. It sounds and looks good and many people buy it. What is the price of pirated DVDs (actually pirated comes in 3 DVD’s)? Rs300-400. Now the difference has reduced to Rs.600 which was about Rs.1900 few years back.

Marketing makes it possible. The DVD can be made in India and distributed through local dealers thereby reducing the total cost and hence the Selling Price of the item. This is the new face of Desi Marketing.

Let’s have a look at an image.

Desi Marketing

This is the pack of latest McAfee antivirus available in an leading electronic store. Just look at the branding. It features the name in English as well as Hindi. The price is Rs 999. An original copy of world’s top antivirus for just Rs 999. Many would buy it rather than going for pirated versions or the free versions.

This is not just happening in case of consumer software but everywhere the power of international marketing is making global products more accessible to the locals of a country. Glocalization?

At one time a Levi’s jeans in India used to cost a lot because it was imported from US or some other country. Again the price was sum of import duties plus the converted value in rupees. Today you can easily get a good pair of jeans in Rs.1000. Levi’s now operates in India, has its own stores, makes the jeans here in India so its cost less and the price is very rational.

Whatever the product may be,the concept is same. If a company has to win in every market, they have to go the Desi Way!

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