Marketing- Employee or the Boss?

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on April 09, 2015

Allow me to have a random start. A few thoughts emerge in my mind. In this modern era which is booming and pumping fliers and posters along with digital advertisements –are we using the marketing or the marketing using us?

I don’t mean to say anything wrong with either of this. It’s just an analysis of the scenarios .Let us discuss these few with some examples most probably we all might have come through.

1. Supposed you are out there to have a sip of coffee. You see a tagline “Special offer-get a 120/- off only at 99/- special coffee. At the other place you are getting a coffee at 90/-. That’s approx. 10% cheaper. The irony of this situation is you would go for a 99/- coffee because you think it’s cheaper as you are getting it at a discount. Though both the outlets offering the purely same coffee one makes sales even at higher price. That’s you driven by the marketing. It’s less people driving the marketing and more like you getting driven by it. Now you understand this situation ahan…This is kind of insane but still a lot of sense is encompassed in it. That’s called marketing my dear friends. Beware of this dog. This bites with a “oh my god benefits here” coating with the core making the fool out of you.

2. Now take a scenario of the other situation. I give you an offer to buy a Brand X watch at just 5000/-. The chances are most people wouldn’t go for it. They would more than twice of taking that offer as they might have plans of making some other useful means of the money. Now what I do is just add a promotional line-“Hey, own a special Brand X special offer watch at just 5000/- by exchanging with your old, worn out watch.” Believe me though this looks stupid, it has a record of drawing more sales and conversions as compared to the promotion before.

In the above two scenarios what we saw that marketing is not about really giving a good deal. It is making you believe that it’s a good deal. Even though the deal may suck the entire sweat of you, you must believe that the sweat is sucked in return of the blood pumped in you. You must make the customer believe anyhow that you are giving him some benefit in comparison to the tiny money he is paying to you. Make him believe that the coins you are putting in his pocket has more value than the paper notes you are taking from him just because the coins are heavy. If you are able to do it you be assure even the extracting million dollar cheques out of a few cent coins can be done. May be you don’t believe me or you have a thought that I am exaggerating but the truth is this has already been done to most of you. Remember your mother buying a soap pack of 4 because of a 3+1 offer. This is how it works. Though common requires lot of common sense to really understand.

What do you think what’s the reason for million dollar marketing campaigns with the taglines “Taller, broader and mightier” , “Fairness in 30 days” “Asli energy”. We all know what they really make us . Rather than stronger or fairer what they are better making are the “fools” out of us. No offense to anyone and no target, this is what they are paid off and this is how your mind is functioned to react to this. Though looking natural it is a lot of thought about process. The 4 word tagline takes more than 4 months to develop so to target a 4 billion people. To create a multibillion dollar sales.

Why do you think I am involving you for in nearly every line of this article from past 10 minutes . It is just because you don’t run away as it is a very ordinary articles that has no new thing to communicate. These are things you have read more than thousand times. You were involved because I made you started imagining yourself in the article and time for you passes really quick. That is the beast “marketing” as I sold my piece of shit to you in lure of the fact that you would gain something new from it. Don’t laugh. Believe me how much you try you are still gonna fall in this trap again. You still haven’t stopped reading this crap. Wait for my next piece!!!!!! That’s the ultimate marketing.

This article has been authored by Ankit Aggarwal from IIM Kashipur

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