Marketing Lagoon - Ancient vs Modern Marketing

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on June 02, 2015

This article describes the virtual conversation that takes place between modern and ancient times. Modern era is described as a time with an explosion of marketing accompanied with a boom of technology as compared to the humble ancient era where it was pretty simple.

O my god this world has become has become a unique place,

Marketing tying the brand’s lace.

Where I should go I don’t know,

May be there exists some serious flaw.

Has it become now too late,

Ruling there some heavyweight.

O my god let my time return,

I still have my bread to earn.

The above lines describe the pains of the ancient times with respect to modern times. The modern times is completely dominated by the advent of the marketing and technology and people are loving this scenario. Marketing has taken over this era like an early dawn sun takes over darkness.

In response to this the modern times responds-:

O my sister you were slow to evolve,

All these people you could not involve.

See I have made world a better place,

I even have a digital face.

Now your time won’t ever come,

I have made you forever numb.

The modern era mocks the plight of ancient times where marketing was not so dominant. It also signifies its focus on the advent of digital marketing in this era. It clearly reflects that people have moved on from times to no marketing to the high doses of it.

Ancient era responds.

Time always take a back turn.

I still have my bread to earn,

People will again come to me,

They are the branches of my tree.

Just wait till your era ends

Have me some time lends

I am coming back in full force

Hence will start my new course.

The above lines clearly signify that the ancient era is still confident that there will be a time when people will again retrieve away from marketing toward it. It reflects the utmost happiness and undying spirit of the ancient times.

To this modern era says

I have gripped the world in my digital arms,

Present from industries to farms.

World wake up and sleep with me,

I am the honey, they are the bee.

Mobiles, pads are my attraction girls,

Making me shine like crystal pearls.

The modern era is pretty confident that it has really taken over this world with its gripping devices such as mobiles, pads etc.

The above tussle of words between the eras moves us to look this situation into detail. This poses a few questions.

1. Are we using marketing or marketing using us?

2. Are we developing technology or technology destroying us?

3. Are we in favour of this era or just ignorant towards benefits of the past one?

These are questions which need to be answered but who has the answer. That’s the biggest challenge. Maybe run a digital marketing campaign to find out that. What say?

This article has been authored by Ankit Aggarwal from IIM Kashipur

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