Brand Promise - Connecting to a Customer's Heart

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on April 07, 2015

Organisations always want to connect with their customers in every little way possible. Companies invest a lot of money in advertising, create marketing campaigns, have events etc to reach out to their audience. Every brand tries to have its own USP or unique selling proposition so that it can clearly differentiate with its competition. By having a definite positioning, every brand tries to have an emotional connect which is simpler terms means a Brand Promise.


A good brand promise is one that connects your positioning, strategy, purpose, team and your customer experience. A brand promise enables you to deliver the brand in such a way that it connects emotionally with your customers.


Brand promise gives a personal touch to every product and service, building an emotional bond between the company and its customers. Brand promise is to look at the brand from a customer's perspective and to see how the brand can emotionally connect to life experiences like love, joy, adventure, excitement, sorrow, security etc. Marketing campaigns are created in such a way that a user can associate itself with the brand emotionally through the advertisement campaigns and marketing activities.


Brand promise is the commitment that a company gives to its customers and strives to deliver it every time a customer interacts with the brand. For eg. 2 restaurants having the same food menu are similar in terms of product offering. But their positioning, ambience, atmosphere etc can be totally different which in turn leads to a totally different customer experience. Brand promise is basically how a company creates value and how it manages to deliver the same every time.


Here are examples of a few global brands with their promises, and those who have lived upto their promises every single time:

FedEx - “Peace of mind”

Southwest Airlines - “Low fares”

McDonald’s - “Speed & Consistency”

BMW - “The ultimate driving machine”


Brand promises should be realistic for companies to achieve and they should strive towards them everyday.


However, there have been instances where companies have made promises to their customers, which have backfired because of lack of commitment or inability to live upto the customer expectations.


Brand promises can not be delivered by an individual in the company. Companies have to make consistent efforts in hiring people it feels can live by the values and motto of the company. A lot of study, training, consistency etc is required continuously to keep one updated about the customer requirements. Companies which put in efforts to train their employees in various aspects of management, with the aim of adopting company values, can strive in living upto the customer expectations and deliver the ultimate promise made.


A brand is the perception that the company wants to create in the mind and heart of a person through its tagline logo etc. But a promise is the commitment that company offers to its customers so as gain his/her loyalty and to grow their business with the love and supports of its customers.


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