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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on October 31, 2010

Gone are the days when a mobile phone was just an instrument to talk to a person, away from you, while travelling.

The scenario has changed now. Our latest cellphone boasts of 600Mhz processor, 384 MB RAM, upto 32 GB memory card and many more things....

Google Nexus One/ HTC Desire has a 1 Ghz processor. A speed which was just restricted to a PC.


Why is the mobile becoming so smart ?

Mobile is no longer a phone. Its a companion and the mobile companies are ensuring that they provide you with the required features.

The buzz word these days is the 'App', short for application.

After the integeration of a PDA and a phone, the 'smartphone' required nothing less than a revolution.


In 2005 these Apps started to come up with the symbian operating system where people around the world shared apps through the internet.

Games, basic applications, calculators etc were the favourites those days. Earlier, there way a Nokia 3230 at that time and peopl really enjoyed putting a lot of softwares in it and that was the plus point of Nokia. No other brand was offering a similar experience.

Then came something which changed everything. The iPhone (or the iPod Touch to be precise) changed the way world looked at smart phones.

A concept called App Store where you can download free or paid apps. From your social media to your monthly budget, there is an app for everything. Games to die for and softwares to make your life easier.

There are currently about 200000 apps for the iphone and the number is growing as this post is being written.

These apps are not just time pass stuff but has serious applications too. You can be online from anywhere, mail from anywhere. SMS might soon become a thing of past. You can browse internet through high end browsers or watch videos on YouTube. All through Apps.

Now even Google has jumped into the so called App Revolution with the new OS called Android.

Android is a very powerful OS.

Android too has a market similar to Apple App Store. The total number of Apps on the market are just rising by the day. There are about 70K apps right now.

A person can mange everything through phone. Gmail, Gtalk, Wordpress, FTP, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Songs, Push Mail etc are just few apps. One can navigate through GPS and Google Maps from anywhere in the world with pin-point precision. Users can find information about any logo or picture in the world through Google Goggles or sail through constellations or galaxies using Google Sky Map.

There is an App for almost anything these days. Recently, company personnel demonstrated an App for driving a Car just by tilting your iPhone (using a Hardware interface in your car).

Nokia as a company is facing a lot of heat for ignoring the App World. Even they have an App world of their own known as Ovi but freelance developers (the backbone of the Apps) are ignoring them due to old Symbian OS.

Nokia is a perfect example of how Apps can affect your bottom lines.

Still there is a long way to go before these Apps along with a good smartphone totally replace the need, or want, of a good laptop. Thus, even now writing this article was much comfortable on a PC rather than a 'Smart Phone'!


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