Blackberry: A Rhythmic transition

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on October 31, 2010

'We're the blackberry boys'!!

The foot-tapping musical advertisement is literally the talk of town, showing a smooth transition of the target customer base and repositioning for the telecom giants from only business professionals to students and dynamic youth. The advertisement initially shows a few business professionals dressed in formals and dancing on the tunes of ‘we are the Blackberry boys’. Gradually one by one, young boys and girls join them in singing the same song and within a few seconds the business professionals are surrounded by young people. The transition of shift of usage of Blackberry by professionals to everyone else has been done gracefully through the advertisement. At the end of the advertisement it aptly says, ‘Not just for the Office guys’.


Blackberry Boys


Blackberry was launched and commanded the market as the premium business phone even with cellphone giants Nokia, Samsung, Apple coming out with their business phone versions. Blackberry was a phone which was like a mini laptop with features best suited for 'business on the move'. From PowerPoint presentations to excels and from documents to planning out calendar schedules, blackberry was the phone for professionals.

The Latest Vodafone Blackberry Commercial


But now with more affordability, better connectivity and more usage, even non business professionals have become an integral part of Blackberry's customer base. Apart from using office tools features of the phone, blackberry is promoting itself as a social networking utility by using facebook, twitter etc through the TV advertisement.

By moving from an all exclusive business phone to a more sophisticated multi-utility phone for young students as well, even though Blackberry might lose on exclusive customers, but the gains in getting new prospective customers is manifold. This would definitely improve the scenario for Blackberry and reposition itself as a multi-utility cell phone and open unlimited opportunities beyond the horizon.

It’s a good business sense to attract a larger number of people with your product rather than just to cater to a selected few, as it nullifies the risk.But on second thought does it ?

Blackberry had an exclusive touch to it.Now they have entered a market where Biggies like Apple and Google are deciding the rules of the game.

Iphone and Android have rocked the market with the smartphone revolution.Blackberry is just becoming a ‘me-too’ smartphone.

Blackberry was exclusive because of its services more than the product.The blackberry mail and chat services was the USP, not the sophisticated phone.

Now we all know that if a young college graduate guy buys a Blackberry,he might not buy the Blackberry Service.

He is happy with his facebook and twitter along with simple browser and mails.So where does Blackberry have the edge?

Can Blackberry compete with the likes of Apple,HTC or Nokia when it comes to making a real consumer-centric Smartphone ?


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