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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on December 02, 2010

Every company starts with a vision to fulfil the gap of needs of the customer. They make products which provide utility to the user and provides benefit. However, in this competitive world, each and every organisation must have its own distinct identity. Every organisation must provide a special value proposition to the customers to gain an advantage. This is where companies go for branding exercises by creating their brand identity through logos and mascots. But logos are not merely simple designs.



Logos say a lot about their brand. Consider the Nike 'tick mark swoosh' logo. Nike's tagline says 'Just do it'. According to Nike, every Nike customer has a never say die attitude, and the tick mark goes well with the attitude of accepting every opportunity that come their way. The Nike logo has become so popular globally, that product name, description and quality are all depicted by the logo itself. Similarly, logos of automobile giants BMW, Mercedes are identities of their brand.


Even in the field of sports, logos play a significant role. Logos of top football clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, Real Madrid show the respect and passion towards the sport. Not only these unique logos represent their clubs vision, but they also play a major role in merchanidising, advertising and branding exercises. Even the biggest sporting spectacle, the Olympics has its own logo of the five interlinked rings depicting unity, healthy competition and passion amongst all participating nations.


All brands start by developing symbols which represent their product and vision. As time passes by, not only do these become popular in households, but also are able to overcome national and international language and cultural barriers. Across the world, logos speak a common language about the companys brand, quality and utility.


Mascots also go hand in hand with logos. One of the most popular and easily recognisable mascot is Ronald from McDonalds. Ronald the clown, emphasises the value proposition of Mc Donald's showing that it is a fun place for the entire family, and goes perfectly with the tag line 'I'm loving it'. Thus, mascots too add to the value of the brands significantly.


Logos and mascots are visual mediums which show the customer the quality products offered by the company. These logos are very useful for customer retention and brand  reinforcement. Thus, a very significant way, in which brands remain in the hearts and minds of customers is through creative designs and colors, or simply logos.

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