Brand Sachin Tendulkar- For Centuries and Beyond

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on March 17, 2012

Empty streets. Silent alleys. Vacant office desks and classrooms. All eyes glued to the TV set.. And all of a sudden a deafening roar of billion people cheering and celebrating life!!

One never gets to see a phenomenon like this. But in a nation with a population of over a billion these scenes are common when one person is playing- Sachin Tendulkar.

India is a country which is obsessed with cricket and every cricketer is a celebrity. But Sachin Tendulkar is an icon beyond boundaries, religion, cast, money and is one name which binds all the cricket fanatics across the world. And this is why “Brand Sachin Tendulkar” is on the most admirable and strongest in the world.

Some of the characteristics of “Brand Sachin Tendulkar” are discussed below:

Greatest: Arriving on the cricketing scene as a teenager, Tendulkar was always a genius in his cricketing career spanning over two decades, and had the most admirable skills to become a legendary cricketer, which even the legends of the game admired.

Respect: Despite being the richest and most popular sports person, his humble and down-to-earth nature helped him gain the respect of not only teammates and opponents, but also held a high regard in the eyes of the common man.

Flamboyance and Charisma: The ability to take on the best on the cricketing field even in crunch situations portrayed style and charisma.

Longevity and Endurance: The ability to perform at the international stage, where even the legendary sportsmen across diverse fields succumbed to age, Tendulkar’s career was remarkable spanning over two decades.

Adaptability: One of the most admirable qualities of Sachin Tendulkar was to adapt to the changing game, practice & acquire new skills and still emerge as the best.

These are simply a few things which have made a sporting icon a brand. The brand value of Sachin Tendulkar has always been at par with his popularity of being the only person in the nation who controls the emotions of a billion. A sign of comfort amongst people when he’s on the field, pin-drop silence when he is declared out, nervousness amongst people when he’s nearing a hundred or a jubilant cheering roar when he conquers a landmark; all these have over years have helped people build an emotional connect with brand Sachin.

Even colossal brands like Pepsi, VISA, Adidas, FIAT, MRF, Coca Cola, Boost, Airtel, Phillips etc have all been associated with Sachin Tendulkar, as his brand image lends credibility, respect, power, belief and confidence to their respective brands. Cricket merchandise like T-Shirts, posters etc are a sell-out simply by having his name printed. And the splendor about being associated with a brand ambassador like Tendulkar is that his popularity across various countries is extremely high also.

On a day when the budget of India is announced, people discuss his achievement of breaking the 100 100’s barrier; or comparing his career growth with the growth of the stock market; or celebrating a World Cup win for the sole reason that it was Tendulkar’s dream, shows the emotional connect people have with the sporting icon and the importance of his presence in a common man’s life.

Some sportsmen become superstars. Some become legends. Some even become bigger than their sport.

But “Brand Sachin Tendulkar” would stand for centuries to come, just like the record of a century of centuries.

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