Maggi- An Emotional Saga for a Customer

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on November 07, 2015

The following article illustrates the emotions of the Maggi Noodles in the way it comes across me as consumer of Maggi for a long period of time.

(Note: to pen down the emotions of Maggi in the most convincing way, Maggi is personified as a person (woman) and an effort is made to carve out the emotions of Maggi in the best possible way.)

One horrible day in the Month of May, 2015 proved to be a crusher of every child’s dreams and even grown up’s emotions (who have been associated with Maggi noodles since they were a child. The reason is Maggi being seen as a sweet childhood memory). A report emerged from the officials of Food Regulator, Uttar Pradesh which had the underlying statement that Maggi was not safe for normal consumption as the two sample test of Maggi revealed that certain substances (monosodium glutamate and lead) were out of the permissible limit to be termed as healthy for consumption.

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The immediate result of this report impacted the Delhi circle with the government banning the sale of Maggi in New Delhi stores for 15 days in June4, 15. This was followed by other states- such as Gujarat’s immediate restriction on sales and distribution for 30 days, Assam’s ban on sales and even storage of its variants for 30 days. Ultimately it lead to nationwide uproar against Maggi with all the major retail chains and supply houses discarding all Maggi instant Noodles variants. This was a big blow to Nestle (producer company of Maggi noodles worldwide) losing on its most powerful brand. It’s motto of “Good food, Good life” had fallen in between.

On this tragic incident, Maggi displays her emotions by the following lines-:

I still recall that horrible day,

A drought of blame drying all hopes of hay.

Whether it’s politically motivated or some jealous competitor’s trap,

Or a production lot failure or an understanding gap.

I would never indulge into this as I love my children friends,

Test my soul - I am full of healthy blends.

How a childhood fantasy turning into a nightmare,

All running away from me full of negativity and fear.

Even my loyalists have popped out their detective eyes,

As if I am the only one full of lies.

This blow has choked my lungs,

My own have hurt- old and young’s.

Did you really think I was that evil?

For the generations serving you- today or medieval.

Lost my repo and my stand in a single blow,

All my ripe crops back to plough.

Remember me- I was your Favourite Maggi,

Trust me- I am not shaggy.

Maggi suffered a dismissal from the Indian market for quite a period of time. During this the company had to recall the packets of Maggi Noodles from all over India suffering about a more than INR 400 crore loss in lost sales, damages and disposal. Maggi was surely missed at the time of her absence. Many competitors tried to take its place but weren’t successful in delighting the taste buds as Maggi had. During the interim period of Maggi’s absence, company tried to keep her alive in the minds of consumers. Some instances being the company released three short videos on its YouTube channel. To gain the momentum these were widely shared on social platforms such as Twitter with the #WeMissYouToo. On the date of August 13, 2015 Bombay High court came up with a decision that the ban be lifted from Maggi and the Maggi could go on sales after a few tests.

This news filled Maggi with delight and her words -:

Finally I am going to be back and I can’t wait,

I know it was hard for my loyalists but it’s never too late.

We are going to be together and have a blast,

Approaching nearest outlets running very fast.

Your tongue and my soup – the pair of heaven,

When tongue seduces me, I on cloud seven.


I am sure that you surely had sleepless nights,

I am coming to fill those with tasty delights.

I hope this pair never breaks again,

Can bear all tests not this separation’s pain.

At last I am back- Your Favourite Maggi,

I told you I was not shaggy.

From the above words straight out from Maggi’s mouth, we see that Maggi really cares for its customers. Even the thought of separation from them causes utmost pain to Maggi. At the end I would like say whatever said being said is at its place but Maggi had been the best childhood memory for many like us (Maggi in school tiffin’s, Maggi on picnics, Maggi at house parties, Maggi-Maggi everywhere anywhere). When the first reports of the bad quality of Maggi came, it was like doubting the mother’s milk if it was pure. Maggi has created an irreplaceable position in the hearts of consumer (let alone the dominant position it had created in the market).

Now the Maggi is finally back, it is no less coming home to where it really belonged.

This article has been authored by Ankit Aggarwal from IIM Kashipur

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