Innovative marketing: Movies, Magic and Marvel

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on December 16, 2010

Marketing is the backbone for any business. Marketing is primarily done through advertising on TV, newspapers, internet, magazines, hoardings, radio etc. But are these the most efficient mediums? Are these the most successful strategies? Even though these are the most unwavering, established and well-used forms of marketing, which have a huge reach, there is one strategy which gives supreme results. And that is innovative marketing.


Innovative Marketing

Innovative marketing is applying unparalleled creativity and newer strategies by using existing or newer mediums to spread the buzz. A few examples of innovative marketing strategies, which have lead to amazingly favorable results for a business are discussed below.


Innovative marketing can be discussed through some marketing strategies adopted in the Indian Film Industry i.e. Bollywood. In 2008, movies of superstar iconic actors Shahrukh Khan (Rab ne bana di jodi) and Aamir Khan (Ghajini) were being released on the same day, but an innovative move by Amir Khan completely overshadowed the other movie. At every ticket window in every theatre, when audiences went to buy tickets for any movie, they saw people sitting with 'Ghajini hairstyles' selling tickets. This really influenced the visiting audiences, and lead to a spontaneous buying of Ghajini tickets, and thus its business scored way over other movies. A similar innovation was used during the release of the movie ‘3 Idiots’, as movie props like benches were put across theatres. All these innovative marketing moves yielded special results for the movie business and proved to be successful marketing campaigns.


Innovative marketing through movies and cinema always leads to more buzz and reach, amongst the masses, as compared to advertisements on TV. One of the biggest examples is that of FMCG ointment Zandu Balm which was featured very prominently in a popular movie 'Dabangg'. Zandu balm, which once had a command, had lost its presence in the FMCG market. But when it was featured in a super hit song 'Munni badnaam', its sales soared by 30% within a matter of weeks. Many brands and companies sponsor certain scenes in movies, where their brand ambassador-actors promote the product. Thus, innovation and creativity work wonders as compared to conventional methods of advertising and marketing, as it has a more powerful appeal to the masses.


Other innovative marketing campaigns were when Volkswagen, an unknown brand in India, entered with a bang, and this was possible with their innovative marketing strategy. Volkswagen started its campaign by bombarding the newspapers with 'audio' advertisements in newspapers which not only helped them create a market share, but also created excitement & anticipation in the automobile industry. Similarly, creative laser show advertising, events and concerts at locations like Eiffel tower, Taj Mahal, Great Wall, Sydney Opera House etc. not only enhances the image of brands and organizations but makes them a part of their historical legacy.


Marketing has come a long way due to its ever-changing and dynamic nature. The use of various mediums, information technology and internet have changed the way the marketing game is played. But in a common playground which has a never-ending intense rivalry, there is one thing that stands out for igniting that extra spark- Innovative Marketing.

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