The Future of Tourism Marketing

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on December 07, 2015

“The Travel and Tourism Industry, It’s just a huge part of our economy”. These words as said by Karen Hughes, one of the French-American Politicians proves that Tourism Industry has grown leaps and bounds and emerged as a sure shot winner for a country’s economic growth.


How has tourism marketing evolved over the years to be such a huge success? How has the tourism industry coped with change? What opportunities and challenges lie ahead? These are few yet relevant questions we answer as we proceed with this article and see how the earlier tourism marketing has been and what lies ahead for this ever growing industry and what marketing strategy can be applied for the further betterment of the same.

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The Early Days

You look at the past and wonder even if there were less marketing campaigns as compared to today, how people could travel places. Well, it was tough for them owing to the less number of tourist agents, less convenient mode of transport and low liquid income. Tourist agents and agencies were the main source of information and that is where people critically evaluated their tour planning. There were brochures provided by the tourism department of the respective country and that is where people were made aware of the whims and fancies of the destination. To make it worse, there were few agencies and tourism was never considered a bright source of income. Yes, some advertising was made through the Radio Marketing and the Print marketing, but the length and breadth of these ads were restricted to few sections of the society.

In the current scenario, where there is more focus on the 8 Ps of Tourism Marketing- Product, Price, Process, People, Promotion, Physical Evidence, Place, Productivity & Quality, the past world of Tourism marketing was mainly focused on 3 of the above mentioned 8 Ps- Product, Price and Place.


The Future

Let us look at some of the marketing strategies the companies can implement to get hold of the best of the business and thus, make sure that the Tourism industry is growing at an exponential rate


Online Tourism Marketing

While lot of companies have emerged over the years, it is pertinent for the companies to have a good SEO( Search Engine Optimization) model to have the advantage in visibility. Further three things need to be kept in mind for a successful Online Marketing strategy

a) Good E-Business Model

b) Right Destination Marketing

Good e-biz models include the right web presence which further categorizes into good graphic designs on the website, continuous updates for the latest trends and wider presence on Social media. Right Destination Marketing strategy includes more of Viral Marketing, Permission Marketing, continued social explosion, mcommerce and many more.


Offline Tourism Marketing

While offline tourism marketing strategy mostly includes Interactive marketing, there are lot of other offline field marketing that can be done to ensure the robustness and the propensity. More advertisements on billboards and segmenting into the Tier II and the Tier III cities is the best option considering the depth of Tourism industry. Radio marketing is where the core of the marketing strategy can be focused on considering the widespread propagation of the promotion. Further direct marketing and sales promotion can be done to ensure right image is maintained in the eyes of the potential customers.



A brief check on the past trends and we can see how Tourism marketing has evolved over the years to be one of the most evolving and ever changing strategy that has helped the Tourism industry and the overall economy of the country. Hence, companies should focus on new tools and techniques to improve and enhance the image and the future of the Tourism Industry.


This article has been authored by Sonal Sudeep from SIMSR



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