Digital Marketing - New Trends Helping Maximize Profits

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on March 02, 2016

This article covers the aspects of Digital Marketing trends which are helping companies maximize profits. 

I needed a "Bike cover" for my bike as being a boy I have more attachment towards my bike .Asking from the shopkeepers I choose to purchase it online. Well, i searched it on some sites and suddenly i got ping of my friend on my FB.I closed all those tabs in which i was searching .I thought that i would see it later on.

While i was chatting with my friend suddenly i noticed that same product which i saw flashing on the on the side on my Facebook Page. I got amazed what is this. Was i was searching for bike cover or bike cover was searching me. Hang on this was not the end, after few minute i got a mail from amazon for the discount i was offered on the bike cover i was searching. I got attracted by the deal i was offered and i booked the item immediately as the deal was for only an hour. Is it not amazing that now no need to follow the item, now the item will follow you? But some questions did come in to my mind-"How did my Facebook know what i was searching? How did Amazon get my email id? How did it know my name? Surprisingly i also ordered the item which i only searched for a look. Was there someone who had an eye on me? I was surprised to know that each and every search, activity and even my location is being tracked .I got an answer i a short line. Welcome to the world of Digital marketing.

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Digital marketing is a dynamic, volatile and impulsive field. It would not be wrong to say that like the hunter is being hunted in the online world. It has evolved very quickly and since it is very dynamic it has become very tough to develop a successful online marketing strategy. Now a day’s companies need to synchronize themselves with the latest trends and consumer preferences. It has become vital to identify new opportunities which have their advantages over the competition in reaching to the potential market and establishing their image, reputation and expertise. On the other hand one who waits to adopt new strategies with the change in trend of consumer behavior misses out the full benefit of these opportunities.

As our expectations are changing, trends in the digital marketing also keep on changing to attract the require customer. Let’s take a look on the new trends of digital marketing.

Making the customer indulged in more videos

Video are the most exciting and attractive weapon for a marketer to attract customer. Google, Facebook, YouTube all have started to give a video option to attract more customers through advertisements. Video contents are being accepted by the customers and helping the business to increase the effectiveness.

Realizing the potential of apps

Many companies have recognized the potential of app business and moved their business towards app based. Business owners are now accepting this reality because apps have become more responsive, convenient and giving more ROI. Apps business has made many big business players to penetrate deep in to the market and increase their reach to more customers.

Smartphone increased their dominance over desktop

Thanks to big screen Smartphone which are replacing the place of desktop. Mobile traffic is being dominated over desktop traffic. Survey has showed that people search more on mobile as compared to web search.

Changing trend in optimization strategies

Earlier stress were given on the search engine optimizer, pay per view, pay per click advertising .Now the trend is changing as more digital assistant has come for digital assistance like Cortana and Siri.

Let’s think about the wearable technology

Wearable watch of ios, Android and windows and bands has made the marketer to think about this technology which is closer to customer as compared to phones. This technology is expected to grow more than 35 % in the coming four years.

Invest more in the advertising

Digital marketing has become a powerful tool to reach more customers in less time and investment. Companies are expected to invest more than $10 billion in this field. Greater challenge is on the companies that how they can attract more customers as increasing online marketing has also given an option to customer to discard their adversities also.

Get ready for more ads on social media

According to report of Adweek, more than 70% of the companies are planning to spend on the social marketing ads as compare to the spending done by them in the past. Surprisingly more than 66% of the companies have accepted social media as a fundamental to their business.

Emergence of Influence marketing

Research is being done to attract more customers in different ways. Influencer marketing has become the most rapidly expanding marketing to acquire more customers. Impact of Celebrities or experts influenced more than Search engine optimizer, Pay per Cost ads and content marketing.

Content marketing will more positively impact the bottom lines

Almost more than the 20% of the marketers believe that content marketing will have great commercial impact on the business, according to a survey. Interestingly this impact would be much greater than the combine effort of the search marketing, social media marketing and organic search marketing. Graphics, video and article will go hand in hand with the social and search marketing.

Effective and efficient Email Marketing

Email marketing has become a very powerful tool to reach a large number of customers which is proved to be very cheap as compared to the ads and content marketing. There will be more effort be given on email marketing as a part of social media, paid and organic search to keep growing subscriber bases.

Surge in the Marketing Analytics

Lots of analytics tools have been used to analyze how customers interact with the products and service of the company. Moreover marketing automation technologies are on the surge which is also predicted to grow by 50%.Marketing data will become more vital in term of marketing. Marketing Analytics is expected to grow by 50% in the coming years.

More Stress on personalized marketing

Personalized message are the better way to interact with the customer and increasing the revenue. Companies are able to increase their sales, lowered the cost of the operations, inspired the customers to stay longer on their websites and increased the customer satisfaction.

Future of digital marketing

Internet of thing, IOT, can change the structure of digital marketing. It is a network of physical things which is used to collect and exchange data with the human to human and human to computer interaction.

It can become the name of convenience in which more data will be controlled by the consumers. IOT can become the game changer in this field.

Augmented reality will change the way of marketing a product in extreme limits. It is a real-time view but with the augmented elements which are made possible by computer generated sensory effects like graphics, audio and video. It has the potential to affect both traditional and digital marketing. This technology can give the consumer what he wants in the real time and place which he himself decides. One can give the far reaching change due to augmented reality. For example a clothing brand allows a consumer to take his picture outside the store and give him the virtual view of him wearing the different clothes and how he looks in those clothes does.

It is clear that the role of the digital marketing in the value of data driven decision Is very vital. Now a day a marketer has to adopt the analytical skill and understand the attribution modeling for developing skill to attract more customers. It has the huge opportunity to grow and maximizing the profit.

This article has been authored by Manoj Kumar from SIBM PUNE


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