Creating Brand Awareness with Picture Posting on Social Media

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on July 28, 2016

It is well known that "word of mouth" is exceptionally prominent and compelling source of marketing for a business. Social media now a day is one the buzz creating “word of mouth marketing”. Motivating individuals to associate with you online in the social space gets the message out about your organization and your product & services. So there are truly two function of online networking for business: 1) Are you taking part in the discussion and sharing, and 2) Are you listening and checking what is being said in regarding your brand and company.

In the discussion and sharing of information about brands consumers plays a very important role. Consumer communicate about the brand by posting the images, videos, photos on their social networking sites to display their ideas and views instead of using regular text, because it grabs more attention or we can say that it is “Eye Catcher”. The idea of posting the Eye catcher is that it is fast and simple type of communication which needs less focus and grabs immediate attention of the consumers, i.e the social media is quite reliable tool for the marketers as well as the consumers.

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While clients are finding ways to interact more adequately, they are additionally hoping to make unique and informal relationship with brands, and online networking frequently gives a channel to these connections. Posting photos create more engagement and grabs attention of the consumers. According to a research done by Emarketers, photographs & images captures 75% of the content posted by the Facebook pages. This research also shows that from user’s point of view photos are more engaging than any other contents posted on social media, it also creates a fan base for the brands, which have the interaction rate of 87% and all other type of content gets an interaction rate of 4%.

Online networking and marketing which includes sales, promotion & discounts that urge customers to share individual photographs in which they utilize particular product or services of a company, or generally take an interest in marketing, have turned into a solid approach to build engagement, drive more prominent brand perceivability and strengthen key advertising messages. Recently social media campaigns launched by Maybelline & Xaiomi to target Indian customers made a big success by making Facebook fan count of 2.1 million people for Maybelline New York.

Approximately 49% of the customers visit social networking sites daily. India’s first consumer engaging campaign using social media was launched by Maybelline New York, to promote their brand “Baby Lips”. They invited all their Facebook fans and enthusiasts to take part in the campaign. They made a buzz by using “KISS song video” to grab consumer attention, which aroused the curiosity among the consumers to know what is this song is all about and what does it conveys. They encountered large number of participation from the consumer side. Campaign was much appreciated by the consumers they associated the melody song with the brand and perceived the brand as bubbly, ebullient and lively. The campaign was the big hit which encountered 2, 50,000 views on YouTube in 4 days of the launch.

Handsome life campaign launched by Fair and Handsome brand of Emami limited on digital media was also an endeavour to strengthen the brand appeal. The campaign was targeting the youth and aspiring individuals who want to break away from their comfortable zones and break away, the brand rewarded their enthusiasm and passion of living handsome life. The campaign used the entire social media platform including YouTube, FaceBook and Twitter on which the participants posted their stories in form of photographs, videos etc. The succeeded in getting attention of allot number of users as well as non user of the brand with the reach of 10,052,304 impressions on facebook with 2, 74,918 likes.

Another campaign created by Domino’s India also created the buzz among the consumers, they started posting their images and text on the website about their experience and memory of the first salary of their first job. The campaign was “Pehli Kamai Campign” which was launched to promote a low cost new range of pizza “Pizza Mania” targeting the youngsters specially the college goers and new joiners in a job. Consumers were motivated to share their post on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter by giving the discounts and rewards to winners

The 3.5 million in number Facebook people group had been welcome to a 'Procure your pehli kamai' contest, where fans needed to perform before a great many individuals to gain their first salary. The challenge that was facilitated on a Facebook application, obliged fans to transfer solo images and get no less than 10 "likes" to qualify.

Brands using social media as platform for the promotion of their brand use social sweeptakes which typically a type of reward, discounts or prize to motivate the consumers to promote the product or participate in the brand campaigns. Images generate recognition of the brand. In India 44% of the social media users increase every user out of which 26% are new users. The majority users of the social media are youngsters which is 71% of the total. Twitter has found that there is an amplifying effect of the images which get posted, because the photographs get the boost of 35% by the retweets. This means that the visibility of the images in much higher than the original sharing. Images, create the impact on top of the mind of the customers ,i.e they are more easily be remembered and noticed which creates the touch points for the consumers . So, social media is tool which can help a company to reach out there brands to as many customers to provide information about their products, services, offers, discounts, sales, promotion and more. This platform also provides to study the behaviour of the consumers, to monitor their likes and dislikes. Different platform to engage and entertain the consumers, well by engaging the audience and grabbing their attention brands can not only elevate them as well as increase the revenue.


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