Power of Hashtags to Enhance your Brand

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on August 01, 2016

There are multiple ways to enhance the brand of a company which involves simple to complex methods. It is always better to analyze how successful companies enhance the brand through various social media marketing tools. Here, we are concentrating on one of the latest trending social media marketing tools- Hashtag. Now-a-days companies are using hashtags in commercials as well as their websites. So, how hashtag can help companies enhance their brand? There will be so many dilemmas when we are planning to use hashtags like what if somebody is using the same hashtag as ours for an entirely different view point, what if competitors use same hashtag, etc.

So here are some of the key ways as to how effectively use hashtag to enhance your company’s brand.

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#Rule 1: Be Brief and Unique

It is always good to bring in the element of uniqueness in whatever you do. Same applies here as well. Try to make your hashtag unique and brief. It is advisable to use short phrase or words but keep in mind that too many words create complex sentences. The most difficult part is to keep your hashtags unique. Mostly hashtags are used in Twitter and Instagram. But in Twitter there is word limitation. So it is even more difficult to convey your idea through hashtags which needs to be unique as well as brief. Though in Instagram there is no such restriction, it is better you go ahead and makes it brief.

So when you are focusing on hashtag, you are actually focusing on how you want people to use your hashtag each time they talk about your brand. So it is extremely important for you to make your hashtags stand out. For example L&T’s #LnTSummerStory16 probed their interns to write a story about their summer internship. This will avoid clash with other company’s hashtag.

#Rule 2: Create an impact

The main motive behind using hashtag is to get brand awareness for your company. If you want to keep it that way try to create an impact by bringing something that will pull your users towards your brand. So if you are looking ahead to make a lasting impression or come up with subject that is worth sharing, go ahead and use your hashtags in that post. This will not only get attention from your users but also provoke them to share the content. There are numerous campaigns which are carried out in this manner to evoke the emotions of people and provoke them to respond.

#Rule 3: Try to be choosy

If something is happening around the world, it is at times better to get involved in these matters. Here in, you can prove your company as someone who bothers about what is happening around the world. When you are posting about recent happenings make sure to use your brand name around and try to catch enough attention.

#Rule 4: Create specific hashtags for your events

Mindtree recently conducted one of its big events called “Mindtree Got Talent 2016” where Mindtree employees competed with each other in various cultural events. For this event, they created hashtag #MGT2016. So whenever their employees posted pictures related to this event in Facebook or Instagram or Twitter they also used the same hashtag. This is indirect promotion for your company. So always create specific hashtags for your events which will enhance your brand name.

#Rule 5: Try to bring in fun element

Users always get attracted to what amuses them more. So hashtags should be constructed very cleverly with fun element in it. This will spread quickly than any normal tags you use. This shows your company’s personality as well as the fun part involved.

#Rule 6: Align it with your brand

Always try to align your hashtags with your brand. Though you want to make it funny or amusing to your users make sure that your hashtags suits your brand’s personality as well. Trust me you do not want to go around creating hashtags which are nowhere related to the brand of your company.

#Rule 7: Always proofread before you post

Prevention is always better than cure. It is always better to proofread your hashtags before you post it. You may never know that there might be some hidden meanings in your hashtags. Also, you need to ensure that there are no grammatical errors in the hashtags. Users are given the privilege to use capitalization wherever they want. But this world is full of people who are continuously monitoring to gain advantage over others and you do not want them to create havoc for your brand.

So before the go, it is advisable to check your hashtags thoroughly and try to find the hidden meanings and phrases which users can find. It is better to get it verified from someone else also.


I guess this article is kind of eye opening for people who initially hated hashtag. Hashtags are of great help to enhance the brand of your company. A word of advice for marketing enthusiasts is to find the significance of each and everything around you and try to make it useful for marketing as well as for social media strategies. This will also help similar kind of people to contact and discuss things of their common interest. Though hashtags are not commonly used in Facebook still you can create hashtags for your company and promote the brand via Facebook. It is advisable to search for the hashtags which you are planning to use as your company’s hashtag before you start using it. This will reduce redundancy of hashtag with other companies. Likewise, try to use hashtags which are easy to remember and simple. Also, make sure that the hashtags which you use are unique. Happy #hashtagging.


This article has been authored by Ann Ushus Mathew from IIM Raipur



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