Importance of Digital Marketing to Attract Tech-Savvy Customers

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on August 19, 2016

Marketers are confronted with new difficulties and opportunities in this age of digitalization. In a layman terms, “Digital Marketing” is the use of electronic media by the advertisers and marketers to promote their products or services, in reality it’s much more than just this sacrosanct sentence. The core objective of digital marketing however lies in pulling in consumers. It also targets in the formation of interactions between the brand and the consumer through digital media.

Digital marketing is a kind of marketing being generally adapted to promote offerings along with all the possible tactics to lure the tech-savvy customers, not only that, but also retaining them. It would seem that the internet marketing and digital marketing are effectively same as they both are to gain more customer base in tech-savvy population. However, they both differ in terms of approach. Digital marketing has a bigger scope as it caters through numerous channels such as Social Media, Mobile phone applications (including SMS), Emailing, display advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Tweeting, Posting on the Social medias, Solving customer queries and the list goes on and on.

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Let’s have a glance at how big is the digital marketing reach in India. It’s growth over the years, potential for growth and future possibilities. During 2001, India possessed 7 million Internet users. The figure grew 25 folds in a span of just 15 years. That’s a 32.13 per cent CAGR, fascinating isn’t it? But that’s exactly how speedy it has been. Currently India has an internet penetration of India is 34.8 per cent or in numbers, it’s close to 462 million. It is estimated that around 40 million Indians are online everyday, who on an average spends 40-45 hours on the web every. India has surpassed USA to become second largest online population in the world, only after China who has 720 million users. It is likely that India will hit 550 million mark by 2018.

India is also the second biggest market for the social networking giants like LinkedIn and Facebook. Everyday, 58000 new users are on an average getting connected to the Social Media each day. Statistics doesn’t lie, does they? These figures capture the potential of digital marketing in India.

The internet users are not only growing but are also growing in different strata. They all are distinct as per the demography, Consumption habits, characteristics, lifestyle and behavior. Hence, the digital marketing also opens the gate of approaching different kind of consumers under a single platform, which is practically impossible for the traditional approaches. The digital media is no longer just a medium of communication, it has become a one stop platform for all kind of decision making in all the situations.

It’s clear that digital marketing is revolutionizing the whole marketing world from its core. In contrast to traditional marketing, digital marketing has some fundamental key differences. Let’s have a look at some.

Traditional marketing is limited to just the print or television or radio or direct mailing for that matter, whereas digital marketing includes a wider scope as mentioned above. Right from the Social media campaigning to blogging, from direct messaging to search engine optimization, it includes all. The major difference that sets both apart is that there is a direct customer interaction in digital marketing; the same is missing in the traditional one. For the ease of management, digital marketing is measurable to certain extent. It can be compared in terms of number of reposts, likes, views, comments, hits or subscriptions. However, traditional cannot be measured.

The major benefit that digital marketing provides is the flexibility. Traditional marketing is way expensive and time-consuming. It takes days to shoot one advertisement or prepare the advertisement to be printed. Digital marketing is much easier. It just takes few hours to create a post or make a picture for sharing. In addition, it can be changed or removed in just few clicks. This flexibility is missing in traditional marketing. As far as budget is concerned, one does not require a deep pocket to go viral in digital media, but a large budget is must in case of traditional.

Through digital marketing, customers get clear data about the product and services. There is somewhat risk of confusion of the data taken from sales person in a retail location. But, Internet gives exhaustive item data which clients can depend on and settle on buy choice.

Since numerous companies are attempting to advertise their offerings through digital marketing, it is turning into the best point of preference for the client. The so is true as the clients can make comparison between products and services by various suppliers in terms of costs and service-friendly user interface. Clients don't have to visit various distinctive retail outlets keeping in mind the end goal to gather knowledge related to products. Digital marketing allows viewers to share the reviews and contents of the products with others. Utilizing digital media, one can without much of a stretch exchange and get data about the attributes of the products to peers and friends.


Digital direct in marketing has ended up vital piece of technique of numerous organizations. These days, for small entrepreneurs as well, there is an exceptionally less expensive and effective approach to market their products and services. Digital marketing has no limits. Organization can utilize any gadgets, for example, cell phones, tablets, digital billboards, TVs, laptops, Apps, and media, for example, online networking, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), recordings, content, videos, pictures, email and many more to promote brands itself along with its offerings. Digital marketing may succeed increasingly in the event that it considers client needs as a leading factor in designing the campaign. Much the same as any good thing; it takes time! Digital marketing wouldn’t start reaping the fruits without patience and without trial and errors. The motto is pretty simple “Test, learn and evolve”. Organizations ought to make innovative client interfaces and strategies specifically designed to recognize the best way to drive up digital marketing execution.


This article has been authored by Keval Boricha from IIM Raipur

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