Originality vs Embellishment - The Better Marketing Strategy

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on September 20, 2016

"Consumer is the king" we as a whole are familiar with this language of advertising. In any case, in this day and age which is a media and innovation rich world "The customer is not only the ruler but consumer is the one who runs the show". As the technology expands it is very simple for the advertisers to publicize their items the way they need their items to be seen. It's simple for them to achieve an expansive number of the clients, by focusing on the specific portion for which their item is work for. In a way technology is their great companion.

But if we rethink about the technology, the technology is friend to consumers more than the marketers. If we think about the time when the technology was in its very initial stage. The advertising campaigns which were made like wars scenarios, bombarding the consumers with more than 20 messages about the product, their usage, their ingredients, their functionality and what not. The idea of portraying their product, as the best in the market with numerous benefits and usage was quite common. But now technology has improved, time has changed so do the buying behaviour of the consumers.

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If we take the consumers point of view, they have a variety of products available for them for one usage, a lot number of the options made more furious about getting the best products for them. This is the reason that before buying the products consumers compares the various products on the ecommerce websites like, Flipkart, eBay, Myntra and Facebook to assemble data and offer opinions on how they spend their cash, an altogether new marketing logic is called for, one in which the advertiser no more controls the message. Now, the consumer is the game changer of the marketing. This was quite a different scenario when the technology was not so developed, the marketers use to analyze the behaviour of the consumers and then they respond with the help of the advertisement, discounts and special offers to target the consumer and to increase their sales. This show that time gets changed so do the ruler.

Now, a days the originality about the product is much more important than the exaggeration, because in today’s media rich market being truthful to the customer with the originality is good, and exaggerating about the product can be your enemy, which not only lead to lose your consumer as well as also ruin your company’s image leading to the long term loss. Brands and companies are well taking this approach of the originality, if we see the campaigns of Dove, the message and story that Dove tell is well taken by the consumers. “Real Beauty Campaign” of the Dove is significant decent case of authenticity, it also shows the idea that advertising the product with people (normal and not so high class women) whom they want to target and engage. The ads are more inclined toward motivational and aspiration aspect rather than simply exaggerating and marketing the product.

Considering the seller’s point of view, as technology has made the consumer ruler of the market, it also has helped the marketers to analyze the market and steer their strategy accordingly. Technology has helped the marketers in following ways-

1) Tracking the thoughts of the consumer-

Facebook and all other online digital forums are helping the sellers to track the thoughts of the consumer regarding some product and campaigns, as the consumers discuss about the products and give their opinion of the product, these opinions helps the marketers to frame their advertisement and the campaigns accordingly. The main focus of the marketers these days not only to tap into new segment base of the consumers but also on making the present consumer base more loyal and long term.

2) Omnipresent connectivity-

Consumers are in the direct contact with the internet and social media websites all the time this helps the seller to easily reach the consumers by their advertisement and campaigns. But the drawback of this omnipresent connectivity is also that if the campaign id liked by the consumer it will be highly criticized on the social media by the consumers mass.

These aspects has helped the marketers to reach the mass as well as changes the traditional way of marketing to the new way of marketing which is more inclined toward being original and truthful to the consumer without exaggerating the product. Because originality is the more desirable property and the new rule of the marketing these days.

If we talk about the Maggi campaigns of “We miss you” and “ Home delivery menu” campaigns of Maggi, theses campaigns are associated with the common people, their routine, happiness, joy, fun and memories which they made with their family, friends, colleagues, neighbour and Maggi. The campaigns are concentrating on the 2 minutes cooking advantage, or ingredients or the taste of the Maggi they are just concentrating on the factors through which the buyer can associate themselves with the product. They are trying to make bond with consumers by their brands and products. The time has gone when the marketers tries to attract the customers by blabbering million number of advantages of using their products. This time marketers will talk about minimum number of the attributes of their product which will give the unique experience to the consumers.

It is quite obvious that the consumer will feel connected to the product which he feels more confident before using the product. This confidence can be earned by using more authenticate mode of advertising rather than the embellished one. The social media and technology has changed the today’s world of advertising. It has made easier to reach the consumers but at the same time it has the market more competitive with the variety number of the products. The remain in the competition it is important for the sellers to develop the best product so that they can easily convince the consumer to use the product on the attributes they are providing, this will help the sellers to develop a marketing strategy which is more authenticated one.


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