Are TV Ads Fading Away?

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on November 26, 2017

When was the last time you were watching something on the television? You had your undivided attention to it? You were that much engaged in the content you did not even changed the channel. If you were able to think of such a time was it anything related to sports, is there anything other than sports that was able to entice you to the screen? If one thinks about how many option a viewer has to choose from its practically unlimited if you add internet to this already cluttered media space. Just to think of there are a total of 832 TV channels alone in India and the total of the world goes more than 4000. Doesn’t it become challenging just to stick to somethings for long period of time.

After the invention of TV, people started to move from the then tradition medium of advertising i.e. print media to Television. The advantage which Television had over them was these advertisements were alive, TV could tell stories and most importantly it was not some photo and its description, TV can show anything Video and audio it was limitless. The phenomenon of TVs really caught on. The early advertisements on TV used to tell information about the product but due to lot of other alternative products available for the customers companies had to do something different to engage the viewers. These infomercials then became stories, creatives were what they were called over period of time. But the times have changed. A single person has access to practically hundreds of TV channels, add to them media options such as mobile phones, computer and tablets. With a single click he/she can change it. And this changes now are becoming more of a reflex action. You bore the viewer and you lose their attention.

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The technology is over evolving. It’s not long ago we had TV recordings and Videos on demand. The marketers were finding it difficult. The result was short advertisements. Product placement happened during this time. We now live in an era of mobile phones, nearly 70% of the world population has a mobile phone and out of this nearly 2 billion are smartphones. If there is advertise people change the channel or they get their heads in cell phones. How do we marketers tackle the problem of short attention. A quick fix can be thought that small part of the screen can be used for promotion purposes. But if they find this irritating to them they can download the content or watch the some uninterrupted on internet.

The bigger question now arises is can be keep on using TV. In my view an easy solution to this is to go digital. See how the tech world has responded to the clutters of advertisement. Now before the launch of their gadgets they just provide a free sample to a technology enthusiast who has an online video channel. The result of this is free advertising. If the product is good, they keep on using it and some do their followers. Online Video Makers have become major influencers in this new age media. To keep things in perspective a single famous online channel has nearly one million subscribers, the cost to reach this large audience just a simple free gift and you reach to directly to huge number of users. Not only can the tech world do this, everyone can leverage it. Bollywood can partner with TVF or AIB, let’s say there is a new movie releasing in some days a buzz can be generated by just making a small video and collaborating with these online video channels. Again, think of it in the number of people reached. Moreover, if the content made becomes viral its popularity is just going to increase by every passing day.

We can be creative in doing marketing of the products, if there is a movie we can make an android based video game out of it. If it’s a about a FMCG product we can make small videos which revolve around the uses of it. Some companies have used their twitter handle exceptionally in these purposes. What they do is simple, find a trending topic and just get into the bandwagon by using their hashtag and voila free publicity. A company doesn’t have to advertise, mouth publicity is enough in cases like this; they don’t have to spend millions to be relevant to their customers. Take Xiaomi, they did not even spend a penny in early days of the company instead they used forums for discussion to make their software popular and just like that they become successful.

The possibilities are unlimited. Digital is the way forward. And as what George Lucas has said “Digital technology allows us a much larger scope to tell stories that were pretty much the grounds of the literary media.” Who are we? We are the people who fly, we are infinite.

This article has been authored by Vivek Ringne from IIMK


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