Pepsi Cricket World Cup 2011 Campaign: Change the Game

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on February 02, 2011

The Cricket World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the field of sports. The Indian subcontinent, which is hosting this mega tournament, has a huge fan following for the game. India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh have a population of over 1.3 billion cricket fanatics. Add to that one of the biggest soft drinks, the global giants Pepsi as their sponsors.

Pepsi Change the Game

For the cricket world cup 2011, Pepsi came up with the ad campaign “Change the game”. A lot of cricket stars like MS Dhoni, Harbhajan Singh, Sehwag, Suresh Raina and Kevin Peitersen were the brand ambassadors. The ad campaign showcases Pepsi as one of the main factors in these cricket players learning a few special skills which sets them apart on the field. Dhoni learns his ‘helicopter shot’, Harbhajan spins his ‘doosra’, Pietersen learns the ‘Palti Hit’ or the switch hit. This way, the ad campaign clearly establishes that Pepsi soft-drink is not only popular with these stars, but it also is an integral part of their game.

Let us have a look at the few of the Pepsi World Cup 2011 Change the Game Campaigns.


Dhoni Helicopter Shot


Bhajji Ungli mein tingli


Peterson Ulti Palti

In all the three campaigns, Pepsi closely associates itself with the player and the sport. This gives them the required differentiation required this Cricketing season. Pepsi have always associated them with sport more often that its closest competitor Coca Cola. Whereas Coke is still busy promoting its Imran Khan Shadow commercial, Pepsi has quickly jumped on to the cricket bandwagon. During the FIFA world cup also they had come up with a superb commercial featuring Messi, Henry and other big stars.

Pepsi is one the biggest soft drinks brands along with Coca Cola. These two brands are a household name and are available from the biggest metros of the world to the smallest villages in the remotest of places. These two brands have an enormous brand equity and associate themselves with huge events and brand ambassadors. Cricket is a sport which is followed like a religion in India, and the players are treated as demi-gods. Pepsi has always associated itself with the India cricket superstars.

A brand like Pepsi is always a top of the mind product. Anywhere across the globe, from USA to Africa to Russia to Australia, Pepsi is one the leading global brands. Being a market leader, Pepsi holds a monopoly alongwith Coca Cola. Thus, they associate themselves with celebrities like actors and sports stars for giving them a brand identity and which are popular with the youth.

With a population of more than a billion following the cricket world cup religiously, Pepsi got the upper hand by grabbing the sponsorship with this mega event. And above that, its youth-attracting innovative ad campaign with cricket superstars is all set to ‘change the game’.

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