Teams Analysis World cup 2011-Part 1

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on February 15, 2011

World Cup 2011 is just around the corner and Team India starts off as one of the favourites alongside ever reliable Sri Lanka, chokers South Africa, T20 Champions England, reigning World Champions Australia and the dangerous Pakistan.

We at thought of applying some MBA/Management concepts to the world cup teams and did a SWOT analysis of all the world cup teams.

So in first part of the article we do a SWOT analysis of the 3 Subcontinent teams and try to figure out what the chances of them lifting the cricket’s most coveted trophy.

World cup 2011 teams analysis

Team India:


a) Balanced Side: The team picked up by the selectors is an ideal blend of experience and youth. Atleast on paper India has one of the most dreaded batting lineups. Though the bowling department looks a little weak, presence of Zaheer and Harbhajan should exude confidence to others in the team. After a long time Indian tail has started wagging which was evident in the last Series as well as the warm up match against Australia.

b) Home Conditions: The World Cup is being played in subcontinent and India can be assured of maximum crowd support. Any individual would perform better if he is egged on and with crowds in the Indian stadiums likely to be in excess of 50,000, it would surely add a spring to the step of every player.

c) Captain Cool: Mahendra Singh Dhoni has not only led India well but his ability to remain cool in tense situations has rubbed onto the others in the team. Nowadays India does not falter in tense situations and try to make a game even out a hopeless situation. The captain has instilled such confidence in the other members of the team.


a) Brittle Middle Order: Even though it looks strong, Yuvaraj and Raina are not in good form and have been picked mainly based on their past performance. It is a different issue that both of them are game changers but on current form are the weak links.

b) Absence of a genuine Allrounder:   Selectors have tried to groom one genuine allrounder for the past 4 years but with little sucesss. The absence creates a void in the fifth bowler slot and the team has to rely on bowlers like Yuvaraj and company.


a) Spinning Subcontinent Pitches: The pitches in the subcontinent are obviously going to help spinners and India has picked up 3 of them and all their part timers are spinners. With a good spin attack Indian spinners would not just look at containing the opposition but try to be more attacking.

b) Tendulkar Swansong: The only accolade missing in Tendulkar’s illustrious career. The entire country wants it for him and also the entire team wants to win the cup for him. This should act as an extra motivation for everyone in the team.


a) Injuries: A lot of Indian players have just come back after injuries. Though fully fit their fitness would still be suspect and they would be short of match practice.

b) Absence of a regular fifth bowler: India’s strategy has always been to go into a match with just 4 bowlers. After the league stages it is a direct knockout and an off day for any of the frontline bowler would result in India packing bags from the world cup.

Team Sri Lanka:


a) Well Balanced Side: One of the most well balanced side on paper with an explosive opener, good all rounders and a good bowling department. Sri Lanka is going to be a team to beat and were the champions the last time the World Cup was held in the subcontinent.

b) Malinga – Murali Combo: The deadly duo can pick up wickets at any stage of the game. Sri Lankans over the past year or two have used Murali to strangulate the opposition in the middle overs and use Malinga in the death overs and has worked well for them.


a) Brittle Middle Order: Other than Sangakara and Jayawardene there aren’t any known players in the middle order. So it is entirely up to them to stabilize the middle order.

b) Weak Captain: Unlike in 1996, Sangakara does not exude the same confidence as Ranatunga. The decisions taken by him in the past few months have been suspect and would require him to fire in all cylinders if Sri Lanka has to do well.


a) Players with allround capabilities: Sri Lanka always had many players who can be dubbed as players with all round capabilities but not necessarily all rounders. They would rely on them to progress farthest in the tournament.

b) Murali Swansong: Like Tendulkar, this would be his last World Cup and would want to go on a high. The team would also want to give a perfect farewell to the country’s greatest spinner.


a) Too Much Reliance on few players: The team relies heavily on Sangakara and Jayawardene in batting and Murali and Malinga in bowling. This is a major cause of concern as rest of the players revolve around them and an off day for one of them can jeopardise the entire teams prospects.

Team Pakistan:


a) Strong Bowling Lineup: Pakistan selectors have a knack of picking up raw bowling talent. The team usually has an extremely strong lineup of pace bowlers and spinners and this World Cup is no different. They would rely heavily on bowling department to come good for them to succeed in this World Cup.

b) Quality Allrounders: The presence of Afridi and Razzaq not just adds strength to their batting lineup but are also good genuine all rounders.


a) Weak Openers: Pakistan teams of the past used to have strong openers which isn’t the case this time around.  In the subcontinent, the matches are decided in the first fifteen overs and Pakistan does not have good openers to take advantage of the Power Plays.

b) Weak Wicket Keeper: Kamran Akmal has time and again proven to be a poor wicket keeper. In the subcontinent with the spinning tracks, he is sure to have a tough time behind the stumps. As the saying goes “Catches win Matches”, Pakistan would rue the fact that they picked him if he drops down a few important catches.


a) Match Fixing Saga: The recent developments in the Pakistan cricket would act as a motivation for the players to give it their all for their fans. They would want to prove to the world that they are the strongest and have been wronged by the teams by not visiting their country to play matches.

b) Underdogs Status: The team could play more freely without any favourite tag attached to them and without any pressure of playing in front of their home crowd.


a) Infighting: The team has a history of never being able to gel well. Every individual is a star and capable of winning a match on his own but rarely do they play as a team.

b) Numerous Captains: Maybe this is the only team wherein most of the players have been the captain at one time or the other. This could lead to ego clashes and could derail their campaign.

Team Analysis World Cup 2011 Part 2

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