Vodafone 3G : The Superhero ZooZoo !

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on February 27, 2011

Fact or Fiction? Dream or Reality? UFO or Alien?

Finally the mystery has been solved.

Vodafone finally launched the 3G services formally in India with a brand new marketing campaign. The teaser campaign was going on for few days now. It started with the India’s opening match in the world cup with four teaser ads involving surprised, shocked and angry ZooZoos describing seeing something very fast and fascinating in the skies. The ad campaign created a lot of buzz and anticipation in the market as Vodafone’s ZooZoos had already a become popular figures with the masses.


ZooZoo Superhero 3G

Vodafone launched the new ad officially announcing the 3G services in India with a brand new Zoo Zoo (Superman) which is inspired by the superheroes like superman.

Let's have a look at the advertisement.


The ZooZoo also sports a Vodafone 3G superhero costume which identifies its superhero status.  The ad starts with a normal zoozoo cautiously entering a telephone booth and then instantly transforming into a superhero. He then uses his powers to stop lightning, save girls from falling buildings, providing solutions to problems, playing with kids etc. He is shown very intelligent, powerful and smart. In the ad his speed is shown faster than a bullet. At the end of the ad, the zoo zoo is shown to make the zoozoo world a Faster, smarter and a better place to be in.

The ad features a nice music in the background which goes well with the superhero ZooZoo.

The whole ad campaign brilliantly fuses with 3G technology with already popular ZooZoos.

From the marketing perspective, the superhero ZooZoo depicts the actual brand personality of 3G. Faster, smarter and better. The various things the ZooZoo does in the ad are indirectly pointing to the quality of the 3G network Vodafone will offer.

The 3G ads of MTNL, TATA Docomo, Reliance have been now doing rounds for more than a month but no one gathered so many eyeballs which this Vodafone ad promises to. Vodafone shows us the power of nice advertising.

It’s still a prediction that this ad would help them gain lead in the infant Indian 3G market but what really happens is something that time would tell.

At the end of the day, the 3G services offered by Vodafone will actually cause the real impact on the customers but as of now this new ad will bring them the required attention.


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