Coca Cola’s Brrr Campaign in India

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on March 20, 2011

Coca Cola launched their globally successful Brrr Campaign in India in March 2011. The campaign has been launched in India after it has been successfully launched in 41 markets across the World. The Campaign was originally shot for the African Market.

As per Coca Cola, the latest campaign is based on a spontaneous ‘Brrr’ expression, a feeling of refreshment one derives after sipping an icy cold Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola Brrr campaign is designed to serve as the platform for all integrated marketing initiatives for brand Coca-Cola globally.


Coca Cola Brrr

The campaign originally for the African market was created by Ogilvy JHB and directed by Erik van Wyk of Bouffant back in 2007. It became highly popular and gained a Cult status soon with many facebook pages coming up in support. Launched in November 2007, the campaign was carried across print, television, point-of-sale and radio platforms.

Watch the first campaigns here.

Coca Cola Brrr Africa Coca Cola Brrr Africa Original


After the success of the African campaign, the ‘Brrr’ went to 40 other markets becoming one of the most successful campaigns for Coke.

The campaign was launched many countries like South Africa, Vietnam, Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Middle East etc. Now it has been launched in India. The Indian campaign features bollywood actor Imran Khan also as brand ambassador.

You can watch all the campaigns here.

Coke's Brrr


Coke’s ‘Brrr’ in India has been conceptualized by the creative team of McCann Erickson. The campaign has not been able to pick itself real well in India as was expected. There are plenty of reasons for that.

1) Timing of the ad : The ad was launched during the Cricket World Cup which is being held in India. People expect cricket everywhere, also in the campaigns and Coke missed that completely.

2) Change the Game Campaign by Pepsi : Rivals Pepsi executed a super successful campaign involving Cricketing Nations called Change the Game. It has been highly successful in India and people loved it. It helped Pepsi gain the mindshare. Coke’s campaign was not able to counter that completely

3) Execution a bit different : The execution of the Indian Brr campaign is a bit different than the global campaigns. The international ads have something in common but Indian ad is a bit different, may be a different ad agency has to do with it.

Its early days still for the campaign which has proved itself 41 times. Coke has already launched 2 ads for Brrr in India. Second one is much more better than the first one, brings out the Brrr expression much better.

Let’s see how much time it takes for the ‘Brrr’ to become a national phenomenon in India.


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