Incredible India Campaign- How Effective?

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on April 21, 2011

India, a nation with the second highest population, largest democracy in the world, the world's third largest army, most number of graduating engineers, doctors and professionals. A prosperous nation growing in the field of services industry, information technology and global business. We see a lot of Indians these days becoming global CEO's. But despite all these positives, India has not been able to improve its tarnished image of being a backward society of snake charmers and slum dogs.


Incredible India ?

Incredible India marketing campaign was started by the central government to showcase to the world the unity in diversity and culture of India. Extensive use of advertisement campaigns on TV, exclusive print ads, special OOH media and global conferences were conducted, so as to present India in a beautiful packaging to the world to promote tourism.

The TV Commercial

Incredible India TV Ad


But does the world buy the concept 'Incredible India'? The answer is, unfortunately, NO.

In a simple concept of marketing any product, the most pivotal and prime factor in the success of a company is the quality of the product and services. No matter how much you spend on advertising, how many celebrities you use, how many promotional campaigns and offers are shown, if your product fails, your organization fails.


Despite the fact Incredible India campaign has promoted India as a royal, luxurious, relaxing destination for tourists, it has failed to change India's image. Lack of infrastructure, poor facilities, poor standard of living are the first and only things that tourists visiting India see. Unhygienic food, poor drinking water facilities, frequent electricity cuts are the various factors which are visible to every traveler coming to India.  Visiting popular global destinations like the Agra, Delhi, Goa, and Mumbai have substandard facilities, poor communication with tourists etc. Despite one of the finest architectures and cultures in the world, what India manages is a bad word of mouth and negative publicity. Moreover, debacles like terrorist attacks, internal security issues, corrupt government and more recently, the Commonwealth Games disaster, further corrodes the image of India on the world scene.


America and Europe too have poverty, indiscipline and corruption. But the fact remains, despite all these flaws, they manage to present and showcase to the world their culture gracefully.


Thus, as in any concept of a successful business in any field, the most important thing is to fulfill the basic need of the customers. Until and unless a customer is satisfied with the products and services, any amount spent on quality marketing is worthless.

Therefore, only when a collective effort is undertaken by every citizen with the positive leadership of the government, only then it is possible to make the world believe that India is truly incredible.


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