“Your Singapore” Campaign: Uniquely Branding Tourism

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on May 01, 2011

Brand "Your Singapore", which has took off after "Uniquely Singapore" campaign, focuses on international tourism in Singapore. It is a branding and marketing campaign for promoting tourism in Singapore globally. The marketing side shows cases the glamour, glitter, and tourist attractions etc for the tourists.  On the other hand, the operations side involves the coordination of all the tourist places from the day the tourist arrives to make it a memorable experience for the tourist. From airport management to coordination with cab services/ bus services, from hotel management to managing the tourists exploration of the city, all together lead to creating a special experience.



Your Singapore

The facilities and services provided by the various departments of the government not only help promote travel and tourism in a country but it a memorable experience for the tourists as well, who nostalgically remember their trips for the years to come. Promotion and management of tourism is an unending process, which has to be done continuously so as to attract tourists year after year. And this is possible with great coordination within the hospitality and tourism sector.

A trip to Singapore is an amazing experience in itself. Tourism is a major industry and contributor to the Singaporean economy. This tiny island-nation, with a multi-cultural population, attracted as many as over 11 million tourists in the year 2010 alone from all over the world, which is twice its own population. Each year a new attraction is added for tourists, who are compelled to visit this calm and serene holiday destination again and again. Annual Events like Arts Festival, Garden Festival, Food Festival, Youth Olympic Games etc are held throughout the year. Formula One World Championship too pulled crowds from all over the world.  Malls, markets, streets are full of visitors in every season. Its strategic location too has made Singapore an important hub for sea and air -routes.

Singapore Tourism Data

Be it a visit to the old Chinatown area, which evolved around 1821, or a flight in the World’s largest observation wheel, The Singapore Flyer, there is a perfect blend of the old and the modern world. There is no better experience than a city tour from an open top bus or a river cruise. Another structural marvel is the iconic Marina Bay Sands Skypark , which is a 1.2 hectare tropical oasis, 200 meters in the sky and is large enough to park 4 ½  A380 jumbo-jets. There is something new created for everyone; from kids to adults and even senior citizens. A visit to the beach or jungle safari makes one feel close to nature while the Casino is an ideal hangout for gaming.Tour-operators offer combo-packages at affordable rates so that tourists can enjoy maximum within their limited time. Language is not a barrier at all, thanks to the Story Audio Guide available.

Singapore is the world’s most sought after holiday destination because it is environment friendly and promotes natural and heritage conservation. To encourage shopping in Singapore, the Singapore Tourism Board and various other organizers hold an annual Great Singapore Sale. Island-resorts, Sentosa, Nature sight-seeing, Multi-cuisine Dining Facilities and Night-life too attract tourists to this safe and secure place. Everyone wants to enjoy a hassle-free holiday, so the Singapore Government takes care of this too. Wherever these systems are followed, there is a continuous and regular inflow of tourists. Promotional activities not only add to the growth, development and beautification of a country but help in the social, cultural and economic upliftment of its people as well.

The branding of “Your Singapore” has a logo of a shape Singapore island and extensive television and print advertising is been done to promote tourism, education and business events. Also, social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are used to spread the word of mouth about offers and packages.

Thus, “Your Singapore” clearly showcases brand Singapore’s culture, family fun, nightlife and experience in a totally unique way.

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