Cloud Computing - Just a Marketing Jargon ?

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on June 14, 2011

We had written a post on cloud computing sometime back explaining what is cloud computing? Cloud Computing has become a rage these days. Everyone is talking about it.

People talk about it, ask questions? Do you have cloud? do you work on cloud ? They open a laptop and ask, "is the laptop on cloud"?

Cloud Computing- Who clicks the button ?

Companies are going too aggressive on this cloud thing. Everyone from Microsoft to Apple is talking about Cloud. iCloud or Windows on Cloud !

It's being projected as the next breakthrough. It's being positioned as the next big thing. But wait! Is Cloud really a new concept ? Was it launched in recent past ?

The answer is a big NO. Anything that helps us maintain resources or get information on the internet (or network) without having to download it on your local PC is Cloud. So is this technology new? We don't think so.

Lets take a very simple example. We have been using Google docs for many years now. Google docs let us maintain our docs on the internet using google account. We need not download them. We can create docs, ppts, excels directly on net and edit them and save them on Google's server itself. If we go by Wikipedia, Google docs service was launched in August 2005.

But when someone gives info or lecture on cloud computing, Google docs seem to be the perfect example. So this means cloud was available in 2005.

Even email is an example of cloud service. Online Games is an example of cloud. You play games on net without having to download the game on local machine. From how long have you been playing online games? You know the answer.

There are many services like dropbox or etc which gave you online storage spaces to store your documents, info etc on their servers. Even MBASkool can offer the same service. You can keep your docs on our server and get them when you need.

So if we see facts Cloud is nothing new, it seems to be a new marketing jargon. Suddenly companies have thought a new way to sell their services and devices to people by telling that it's a new technology called Cloud.

What is cloud ? Its not something in thin air. Basically the servers, datacenters, clusters of these servers are being referred to as clouds. but these are not new. Whole internet works on it. So everything on the internet is cloud as you are not storing your facebook on your local PC.

Enterprises are excited by this 'new' technology. They are exploring options of getting cloud based software.

If we see this as a marketing case study, it's a superb case. Its like presenting an old wine in a new bottle. Apple launched iCloud in which you can share your files across various apple devices you own through a single iTunes account. Is this breakthrough? Not at all. Coming back to the google docs example, this was already there as a technology.

Companies like Oracle were already offering Service oriented architecture in the past which was again nothing else but cloud in which you can use somebody else's resources to get your job done without actually owning the resource.

So this is a typical case where marketing innovation has shown its strength. Just tweaking your message and selling it to the world as a new product has done wonders.

We just hope that the cloud does its job and gives you rains and doesn't end up in floods due to over use.

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