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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on July 20, 2011

Many a times first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the following places is the famous monument or the site located in them,

Paris. New York. China. India. Egypt. Rio de Janeiro.


Well the first thing springs up in a person's mind being the top of the mind names are as follows.

Paris- Eiffel Tower

New York- Statue of Liberty

China- the Great Wall

India- Taj Mahal

Egypt- Pyramids

Rio de Janeiro - Christ Redeemer statue

Are Heritage Sites brands ?

All these names have become the image of their respective locations. These places are not merely tourist places but they are brands within themselves. These are places which the hottest tourist spots, especially when targeting international audience. Thus, in tourism industry, places of importance are not just places to visit, but are brands.


Each place has its uniqueness and spells out the personality of that country in promoting tourism. These global landmarks became the brand personality and show to the world their culture, heritage and uniqueness. Such is the importance of these places that they are the top of the mind brands when associating with a place.


Important tourism sites play a very important role in advertising and marketing for a particular place. TV commercials, print ads, out of home media, brochures, pamphlets etc leverage on the global presence and recognition of the popular places. It helps the tourism ministries and companies in associating better with the target customers by giving an identity to the people.


Apart from being the image of that particular place, heritage sites also become pivotal in boosting the economy. Places like TajMahal, Statue of Liberty, Pyramids etc are an integral part of generating economy. These places are hot tourist spots as these are globally the most popular and most sought after places. Apart from being tourist hotspots, these places also help in generating income by the means merchandising, replica of the sites, t-shirts etc. Tourists, who visit these popular destinations, prefer buying merchandise associated with the heritage sites as souvenirs for themselves and gifts for their friends & relatives.


Such is the popularity of these heritage brands that people even leverage their brand identity for their businesses. A lot of individuals and companies associate these brand names for their products, restaurants, organisations etc. For e.g. TajMahal tea is one the biggest tea brands in India. Thus apart from attracting tourists, these brand names also help in creating an image in the minds of consumers by using these sites as their logos and brand names, which adds to their brand equity and credibility.


Tourism industry is a field which requires excellence in service by giving a great experience to visiting tourists, thereby generating a positive word of mouth. Tourism also requires constant upgradation of facilities and improvement in services apart from extensive marketing and advertising. However, the biggest brands which countries can use to promote tourism are the heritage sites themselves.

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