Emotion Catalyst: Role Of Emotions In Marketing

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on June 27, 2012

As rightly said by the greats of the industry, marketing is not an event that may commence at one and end at another point of time. Marketing is a process that has a start phase, a middle phase but unfortunately no end. Words might be forgotten for once, but the feeling an individual went through always stays in the backdrop of his mind.

We are in an era of digitization from the old school days of supply dominated markets, trends have changed but one thing that has stood unshaken is the field of marketing is the EMOTIONAL factor. Whatever may be the marketing strategy applied, whatever may be the product: in case the emotion stimulus is not generated by the marketing strategy it’s almost a no-show. Emotional marketing generates the difference between “just another marketeer and company” to “that person and that company “.

In the digital marketing era where the internet is flooded with advertisements and offers, finding the right combination of words to make an impact is a daunting task. A correct psychological impact has a long remembrance than an ordinary marketing pitch. Strategies that can make decisions to be emotionally driven rather than based on rationality can surely get a larger market cap.

Emotional marketing not only generates a long term relation but also creates a passion and belongingness with the customers. The recognition of these brands becomes a part of people’s daily life cycle which leads to undying brand loyalty. Customer always shows keenness towards making a rational decision but somewhere down the line the rationality is highly guided by the emotional imbalance generated by the marketing strategy.

Emotions once touched can surely lead to shedding of hefty pounds from even the shallowest of the pockets. The greatest mistake a marketer can make to his presentation is being Dull. The markets are filled with products; there are more number of pop-ups than pages on a website, people have almost all the needs fulfilled.

The market demands are mere enhancements to an existing life style: all in all what is being presented is just old wine in a new bottle. With sales figure the only form of currency with the marketeer an emotional mismatch can lead to a exponential decreasing figures. Vivacious is what the markets are and those who can generate the aura of livelihood can surely become the market leaders.

Mere emotions never sell in the market; one needs to have a strong logical reasoning to justify the emotional thirst. A shopper or a home buyer would always like to think about himself as a smart buyer, so uncovering the emotional impact is a difficult task. With positives come the negatives a wrong emotional impact can lead to marketing blunders.

This article has been authored by Manu Arora from IBS Gurgaon.

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