Digital Marketing v/s Conventional Marketing Mantra

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on July 21, 2012

Stay updated on My World contests, discounts and the latest lifestyle trends and events. Empower your world with sneak previews, quizzes, polls and more! , Like us on Facebook ”  says the back cover of the My World Magazine (Feb 2012 edition) by Future group.

In the magazine, Kishor Biyani (Chairman, Future Group) shares “An interesting survey confirms that among younger adults : 55% of those in the age of 18-29 say that they get most of their information and news online, compared to 35% of those in the age group of 65 and older. Our digital magazine (ezine) will also bring same lifestyle mix to empower world.” Clearly it shows the power of Digital marketing and how big companies like Future group are relying on it for their marketing efforts, be it feedback, launch or promotions.

Digital marketing today is really taking on our conventional marketing sources like TV, Billboards, Radio etc. For decades, traditional marketing is being followed by companies  because  People are comfortable and familiar with it, it is Locally oriented and  built on face-to-face interactions so one can learn a lot about potential clients. But digital marketing with its cost effective, scalable, two-way interaction, high penetration plus relevant TMS target approach has changed the face of traditional/conventional means for companies and customers

Digital marketing  is more engaging as companies not only promote or launch their products in this digital world but also obtain key feedback from their customers, which is crucial for customer loyalty. This type of interaction is not possible in our conventional means of media and advertising. So, we have moved into an ever engaging,  dynamic and interactive world from uninteractive conventional world. It has become a two-way dialogue. It makes sense to invest in Digital marketing because of the cost and target market factors.

The digital marketing source can be customised to target only the desired TMS (Target Market Segment) by selectively targeting the channel/website, thus giving a relevant penetration to the company, and also reaching places where conventional means can’t reach, thus is geographically better. From cost perspective also, digital marketing scores better than conventional means. Traditional marketing costs far more than digital marketing. As according to a study, considering  44% of direct mail is never opened( a waste of time, postage and paper),  86% of people skip through television commercials, it is advisable to choose digital marketing.

In 2011, one of the world’s Biggest Automobile makers, Ford, launched its Ford Explorer through a campaign on Facebook which is first such big launch on social media considering the company has been launching cars on Auto shows for past 50 years. Companies in 21st century are increasingly sharing Video, Audio, Data, Content with the target customers through email, web-browsing, instant messaging, media player, e-flyers on their devices, to offer  products/services in a meaningful way. This trend is expected to increase as the Internet penetration levels and telecommunication devices and other out-of-home devices  increase  and services become more affordable and smooth. Digital marketing is all set to influence consumers and bring a meaningful and highly relevant means of marketing for the companies.

This article has been authored by Lakkshay Bussi from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies,Pune.


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