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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on June 27, 2012

Every  person SIMPLE or complex , INTROVERT or extrovert ……………..does  “ Marketing “   ……………. knowingly  or unknowingly ..

A simple looking person might market his simplicity to win the people across , for example Sachin Tendulkar.

A complex headed person  might market his complex thoughts not  to win the people across but to win their attention . A very good example is Rakhi Sawant . Every body listens to her at least once  not because people love her as a person but only for three only ….Entertainment…. Entertainment…..And…. Entertainment……and she provides just that .. The moment this “Entertainment” turns into “Irritant “  people start switching to new means of Entertainment.

So what is marketing .. I googled  and got a lot of results, a lot of books……but what I believe is …..Marketing  can’t be taught ….or learned it’s something that comes naturally . Yes tools and techniques can be learnt and taught  ….

I have a friend  He has created ripples in the marketing field . I happened to be his  room mate in the graduation college  .I would give here an expert of his “ love life  “ to explain the fundamentals of marketing .He had 7 girlfriends . What he used to do is ….Went into his targets facebook/orkut profile  and used to edit his profile as per her needs .  Studied her habits exhaustively by facebook/orkut , common friends if he could find any …and presented himself in the manner she wished to see him…….basically he remained the same person ( same product). Every time she discovered the reality the relationship was called off  and he happily moved on to a new region… He had a slogan “ Ladki pe aatakne ka nahi …ladki badalte rehne ka “

But ……..the Inevitable Happened and he did fall in true love

He told her everything about what he is  . Its  now been 7 years since they  were  engaged and the next month they are getting married.

Now this person follows the same basic concepts in his marketing business life as well ………

1. Understand the customers , their requirements  exhaustively prior to 1st date or rather 1st meeting.

2. Present  yourself as the Alladin who has ….” Kaleen N Jin “ ……who with his spell could meet all their wishes.

Now this presentation would be “ Real “ or “ Drama “ depends upon the short of relationship you  are looking for with your customer .

If you are looking for short term customer or  girlfriend  you can take the oath  “ Jo kuch kahuga Sach kahuga ……..Sach Ke Siwa  …….Sab kuch Kahuga !!!

But if you are looking for a long term customer or a life partner then you have to take the oath  “ Satyamev Jayete

For example …. If a company comes up to our campus offering a very high package …… what we do is ….we go through the company’s website, try to understand the company’s line of business and thereby understand  their expectations from the new recruits  and try to present ourselves in the manner the company wants to see us  ..

So its looks pretty simple ….. collect the requirements and present it as per the customers needs….but the actual trick lies in “ Collection “ and “ Presentation” …!!!

So we started from the very basics of marketing . Now lets move to something that’s the common strategy adopted by all ……  in launching new products or to create products existence awareness …. VIRAL MARKETING ….

So what is viral marketing ?

Its depicted through the diagram………..

Thus this technology has been popular among all creatures . Human beings have started calling it “  Viral Marketing “  - in which information flows from one person to another , there by creating mass awareness J

The common tools used today by companies especially start up firms  are – Facebook, orkut, Youtube , Twitter, Linked In , Email  and the evergreen and most basic –“ Word of mouth “.

Now what I have seen is whenever a start up launches its products or services advertisement campaign , they start it with facebook . They create a page of theirs and ask firstly  their  full time employees to “ click “  on the like icon of that page secondly ask the  interns to “ click “  on the like icon of that page . Then the employes’ friends ..Then the interns’ friends and this goes on ….

So the question comes up ….Does “ clicking “ on the like icon of a company’s product page serves the company’s purpose ?

Well……… it does because while liking that icon for the sake of friendship only …. you would be reading about the product at least once . Now the trick is to make the person visit product page again .. This is what differentiates between ” a marketing “ strategy and ” a sound marketing strategy ! “

Now much focus should have been made in the 2nd phase of this marketing i.e making the people who click on like icon …..actually like the page by  revisiting that page …once …twice ….thrice ……always …..

So the best people that should be hired for doing social media marketing are those who are “ Really Social “…..That is they who have a huge friend and fan base and people who follow them should see no reason why they should not like  his postings. To keep quality you have take care of the quantity .

Thus marketing is done to let the people know that “ Main hoo Na……Tha……Aur…Hamesha Rahuga ..!!

ie…… whenever  you were in  need of a solution we were  there to provide  it , we are still there for you and we would always be there …at your service

This artcile has been authored by Suraj Rai from SCIT.


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