Increasing Trend Of Online Shopping In India! Are We ready For It ?

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on September 21, 2012

Often we see advertisements on TV, Newspapers, Magazines and Roadside Banners which are usually what comes to mind when you think of marketing. They are easily forgotten after a period of time as they get old. Online marketing is one process where advertisements of organizations are put on internet along with various other sites to improve publicity of the product and attract more consumers. It is where buyers and sellers don not meet each other and products can be brought online by saving lot of time.

There are many companies who lack online marketing due to which they lose customers. Online marketing has become very prominent in today’s busy world. Websites are created for attracting customers’ world over and improving business sales. It focuses on expanding target audience, improving the brand recognition and overall profits.

Marketing products online help businesses to grow by leaps and bounds. It all depends on the marketing techniques used to market products. Evolution of e-commerce was first in the 1995 mainly by the biggest giants and E-commerce includes products mainly shopping carts, database, graphic designs, flash designs etc. Organizations selling products online are called e-commerce companies. They provide best solutions of products with utmost care of privacy and security towards their customers.

Top 5 e-commerce companies in India









In India the online shopping has increased drastically as it is B2C marketing that is Business to Customer. Every website show their uniqueness by their different features provided. For example: Flipkart states about cash on delivery with many offers, myntra states about trail and payment after delivery etc. like this each website focus on increasing their sales or visitors in the site by being in tie up with top brands such as Levis Jeans, Melange, Biba, Gucci etc., not only with dresses and shoes it is also with other products such as books, accessories, electronics, beauty products, home décor and excellent deals and discounts on food with top restaurants.

Flipkart’s revenue has increased drastically in the FY2011-12 up to 550 Cr. whereas Snapdeal a two year old company’s revenue is 500 Cr. this has shown that there is a development in online shopping as people find more variety, security and better options of returning back and re-purchase. As on February 2012 economic times, India’s online shopping market will touch Rs 7000 Cr. by 2015 due to penetration of large number of young people shopping online.

The economy has changed though there is a percentage of the population who still need to feel the product and buy but it involves a lot of time. In order to save time and buy products online marketing has helped a lot of customers as variety of brands are available to choose from, providing value added services at lower prices, giving discounts and other gift items on purchase, security, clear information regarding delivery time, transparent information regarding the product and providing price comparisons. Finally tendency of Indian customers is mainly purchase the best brands of products that do not cost much. Customers are ready for Online shopping as India ranks 3rd after China-2nd and USA- 1st in usage of internet as per economic times April 2012.

“India is a country for massive growth where people change, technologies grow, new ideas to develop and new ways to advertise and sell products to customers.”

This article has been authored by Anantha Lakshmi from SSN School of Management and Computer Aplications (SoMCA), Chennai.


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