Effective Advertising -A Marketer’s Stairway To Heaven!

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on September 22, 2012

What is advertising? Advertising is an integral part of the marketing process, generally aimed at putting forward the product or business offering to the public in a very effective way. This involves various activities. The sole objective of advertising is to attract a group of audience to take a particular decision based on a set of factors that the business orients them to.

The entire process involves steps such as putting down the product/business feature in a most striking and crunch manner, plan the strategies regarding going ahead with the plan, brainstorming and research on when and where to place the ad and other budgetary management. The question that comes to mind is, “Advertising sounds to be a costly affair, is it so”? Going with the typical way how MBA grads reply, “It depends”. In the true sense, it in fact depends on the business objective, target audience and the budget. Nevertheless it is the most expensive segment of any marketing plan. Although it pulls a major part of a business’s budget, it is a magical wand if used at the right time and at the right place. Yes, it is a must!

It’s necessary! What if I plan and manufacture a new product and sit quietly? I cannot expect people to go and buy the same. I cannot expect my business to prosper without my input in advertising. Such is the essence and importance of advertising. Advertising makes the presence of a product in the market prominent in the minds of target audience. This in turn increases the probability of the audience remembering the brand name for a long time. It is necessary to come out with flying colors amidst all competition existing in the market.

New strategies, finding your own trump card in the world of cut throat competition is what advertising aims at. Public memory is short lived. Indeed it is a Herculean task to create such a message which the target population will remember and eventually which will surely become a deciding factor when it comes to buying the particular product. The thing that matters the most is how original, how creative and how different we are from others. It becomes important to relate to the audience.

The customer always tries to find how a new product is suitable to meet his need or wants. It is thus a great responsibility on the part of a marketer to provide subtle yet close to perfection answer to the customer’s curiousness. Thus the objectives of advertising are creating a unique identity, to build strong customer base, to be different and better than all competitors, and contribute to the progress of the company.

Zig Ziglar says selling is all about the transference of emotions. Zig says that if he can get you to be as excited about his product as he is, then it’s possible to make a sale. But if you’re not excited about your product then selling is going to be difficult for you. Thus it becomes crucial on the part of the marketer to understand the value of the product and how to present it in the market. Then half the battle is won. The customer picks the new product- and voila! We won!

Remember? How many times have you quoted a line from an ad when you are with your friends? How many times have you referred to situations as déjà vu! It happened in that ad! How many times have you hummed those ad jingles? This is where the crux of fabulous advertising is .Mind and memory of the target audience is the ultimate destination of good advertising. The question arises how? A path which links to our audience is the answer, i.e. we need a medium to convey our message to the audience. It may be the print media or the electronic media. Print media includes the newspapers and magazines.

The electronic media, which is the most effective these days includes television, radio and of course the internet.Visual resources are more eye-catching. The jingles, if melodious enough are sure to be ingrained in the minds of the customers. The grass root thing is, if a customer repeats a jingle or quotes a punch line from any ad in front of a group of persons, indirectly the product gets promoted. In this way the awareness about the product increases among the masses.

Word of mouth may sound very trivial, but it is one of the reasons behind the exponential success of certain products in the market. The Marketing industry is India is a very good example of creative ads .Some ad slogans like “Kuch meetha ho jaye” (Cadbury),”Shubh arambh” (Cadbury),”Tedha hai par mera hai”(Kurkure),”Humara Bajaj” (Bajaj) etc. incorporated a feel of Indian culture into the ads. This helped them get closer to the masses and create a niche for themselves. Just think how many times have you quoted any of these-“Deemag ki batti jala de”(Mentos),”Dho dala”(Surf excel),”Thanda matlab coca cola” (Coke) “ Ji lalchaye raha na jaye”( Alpenliebe), “Mann ucchhal uchhal jaye”(Fanta) and the list goes on.

What these ads have in common is catchy and humourous content. Humour brings positivity,and hence increases a customer’s inclination towards a particular product.Thinking about the audios, do you remember “Washing powder Nirma”,”Vicco turmeric.” (Vicco turmeric ayurvedic cream),”Jab ghar ki raunak ”(Nerolac paints), "Bus Do Minute, Maggi Maggi" ,Airtel tune by A.R.Rehman,”Aaj kuch toofani kartey hain”(Thumbs up),”Har ek friend zaruri hota hai”(Airtel),”Ruki si zindagi ”(Limca),”Paas aao”(Close up) and many more.These attractive jingles  are registered in our memories.We recite them quite often.

It is the melody,the lyrical content and the singers which make the ad very captivating.What we see on the billboards when we are stuck at a traffic, or when we just drive down the city?”Amul- the taste of India”,”Reebok”,”Vodaphone”-with its brilliant zoo-zoo collection ,”Tanishq”  are a few  which attract our attention.Therefore,to reach the target audience the first and the foremost thing is to plan how to hit then right, formulate a strategy to go ahead with audio-visuals and finally make your presence felt. It has been rightly said by McLuhan, “Advertising is the greatest art form of the 20th century. “

New Trends-Advertising is an extremely creative field. The highly imaginative minds of this industry come up with new and exciting advertising methods each day. This is the e-age. It is tough to think about a life without computers and internet. So what best can be a way to connect with people than internet?

Whenever you click to watch a video on youtube, you are presented with an ad of a few seconds. Many websites have pop up ads coming up which strike you immediately. Social Networking sites are of great importance. Companies have started interacting with the customers through these online platforms. Another is the commercial with a sequel—a story starts in one ad and continues to the next. Nowadays companies are advertising in an indirect way by showcasing to the world their social and philanthropic activities instead of their core products and services. This connects with the emotions of the people and hence acts as an advantage for the company. Another trend is occasion-based advertisements, i.e. launching products with festival specific messages. There has been a evolution in the ad industry. In this era of competition and time crunch the aim of advertisers is “Smarter and Quicker ads”.

What else? A question may arise, how is advertising different from marketing? In simple words it can be said that marketing is the superset of advertising. It means advertising is just one component of the entire marketing process .Again, one may ask, how is advertisement different from promotion? It can be said that advertising not only focuses on increasing sales but also does so on establishing a long lasting brand image. On the other hand promotional activities are short term strategies meant to boost the sales. All said and done, both advertising and promotion are equally important segments of marketing.

What’s in it for me? Advertising has so many things to offer, but is there anything lucrative for me in this? If this is what you wanted to ask, then the answer is- A Lot more to offer! Have you ever given it a thought that who writes the wonderful punch lines for the ads, who writes poetry and plans the act for the same in the ads, who suggests what graphic should be placed where?

The genius minds with their figments of imagination and creativity create beautiful images .They are the ones who work hard, face challenges, innovate each day to make their products sell in the market. They are men like Rohit Bhargava, Piyush Pandey, Prasoon Joshi.They are the marketing gurus of our nation. You can be the next. Of course, advertising jobs pay you huge bucks too! If you have the enthusiasm of exploring variety, revealing the unknown, creating the non-existent then advertising is a ’go ahead’ for you. Indeed it’s an AD MAD WORLD!

This article has been authored by Swetali Kar from XIMB.

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