Internet- Customers Rule It, Now & Forever

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on October 08, 2012

Recently, I read a case study where customers were treated harshly and the customer made it a point to make it equal. The customer of one of the airlines had posted a video about the company’s bad behavior and worst flight experience. This video travelled far and wide and was viewed by everybody. How often, we have become a victim of bad behavior by the service providers?

Yesterday, my mom asked me to go to market and buy some vegetables. As a customer I was confident i will bring the best product with best price and in turn will make my mom happy. I reach the shop and start picking up vegetables, which of course I think are best, but then came the moment when the shopkeeper asked me to make it fast. He asked me to move aside and bring in whatever I could select. This is called bad moment of truth. In marketing you need ten good moments of truth to forget one bad moment of truth. Indeed the shopkeeper is not aware of the 7 P’s of the marketing mix. Even then we expect nothing but a sense of morality shown by someone whose prime asset is customers.

In the age of internet we have started buying things online. Very often while using social media such as Facebook we have often strayed to the pages of shopping arena. The new age has given us some power to sit and shop. Even if we are lazy enough, we will find it is easier to click and buy things, rather than make a breakfast for ourselves. Which one to chose, will it be exactly the same thing I feel i am ordering, what is the right size to buy, what if the product is not satisfactory. There are many questions and dilemma for online shopping.

Today the customer is smart enough to understand his needs, what exactly he is looking for. The mother is as circumvent in selecting as she should be. Her thinking involves more than her own needs. Similarly the elder people have experienced themselves the changing era. They know exactly what it is to make a choice and how difficult it is. They have seen the growing age of knowledge and how it has been launched online.

The youth has embraced the online media and Brought upon the social change. Wandered into the long run of the internet sites and searched through thickest of networking jungle. Those who embraced it fully rule it individually.

The digitalized customer is shopping in this jungle. Going from site to site just as tarzan jumps from one tree to another. And then comes the time when the product is ordered. When the gleeful customer is happy that he has got what he wanted and when only mystery is how it will be in actual.

What if this customer, this mother is deceived? What if they find out they were given false hopes. Although in short run a customer feels cheated, in long run it is the company which is serving, is affected by the wrath of the customer. This is exactly what most companies need to work upon. This is what most companies need to understand how a customer can be their greatest asset and at the same time become their worst nightmare.

The online media has given the customer the power to bring out the real character of the company or brand. The satisfied or happy ones give honest reviews of how good the product is. The other genre of angry customers can make it look the worse thing on earth. This indeed is valid considering customer’s trust is worth gold. Misusing or breaking it can lose them a lifetime valuable customer.

A customer’s word is taken very seriously by newcomers. Both old and young generation looks upon how others are feeling about the product before ordering. Any bad comment on any product can turn away many customers. This customer can then go for mouth to mouth advertisement of the product. This in turn will turn away more customers.

Customer has to be understood. Online customers must be counseled about the product. The confident customers must be given discount for bringing in new customers. Companies need to take feedback, must involve more in ghost shopping. Conduct surveys about online feel of the customer.

Then my friend the companies can claim about happy customer!!

This article has been authored by Shubham Shukla from NMIMS.


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