Role Of Social Media In Marketing

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on October 27, 2012

“Social marketing eliminates the middlemen, providing brands the unique opportunity to have a direct relationship with their customers.”

Bryan Weiner, CEO at Digital Agency 360i

In today’s fast changing environment, social media changes and defines the way we view, perceive and understand the things. Social media started as a communication medium and it completely changed the way we socialized with others. Different people perceived social media in a different view then, but only few would have thought the Social Media to stand where it is currently.


The social media have adopted newer roles and became an effective and essential medium of communication in any business today. These days every business enterprise is trying to cache in the social media platform to reach and communicate to the users and potential buyers. According to a study by Badoo, 39% of Americans spend more time socializing online compared to face-to-face. Social media has wide reach, but the real question is how social media platforms help business enterprises?

The product are launched, advertised and promoted aggressively on different social media platforms (eg. Facebook, Twitter). The social media is not only cost and time efficient but also effective medium to reach to a wider socially active mass. The companies are trying to reach the users via advertising on popular sites like Facebook. The companies have a dedicated account on the social media platforms with some even outsourcing the entire process to various public relations agencies dedicated for the cause.

The Samsung page on the facebook shares about the new product launches, communicate about the various features of the products, the future plans, and the current trending applications with its users. They also ask users as about the likes/dislikes about different features/products and applications. Different ways to engage the customers in the page are devised (Eg- Submit an application development idea where Samsung asked all the users to share an idea for application development that they will like to use in their phones).

A song got 25 Million Plus Views On YouTube In 30 Days thus bringing a new concept of marketing in India. Viral Marketing has taken the social media and marketing partnership to a new level. Viral marketing is a method of product promotion that relies on getting customers to market an idea, product or services. The Viral Marketing helps market the business or a cause while it is spreading through friends. Viral Marketing helps the company to communicate and promoting the launches in fastest way possible among the masses. The question that social media platforms help to reach wider mass is unquestionable. But, what about ROI?

According to a research done by Facebook marketing company Pagemodo showed that sixty four percent of business owners said social media marketing is a return promising tactic. Companies are trying harder and working more aggressively to push the stastistics more in their favour. Whether the social media marketing stastistics will give a higher return in the future, Only time will tell.

This article has been authored by Rajiv Tiwari from SIBM Bangalore.


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