Emotional Marketing: Transferring Emotions Through Brands

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on November 23, 2012

We connect...Emotionally: Stay alert and focused, as the opportunity of marketing comes without information and surprises all. Such was also the introduction of emotional marketing .What better way other than connecting with people using an emotional bridge? What is more important than self esteem? What is more effective than being a source of inspiration for others?

The crux of all this is the connection made through real feelings and thoughts. In simple words, emotional marketing is a way of communicating ideas and thoughts regarding a product or service to the customers which will strike a chord immediately owing to the fundamental and value based content. This is a way to connect with people  by making them feel good about themselves, making them hopeful about better living, showing them the miracles of the world, and making them realize the true worth of  own self .

People, Emotions and the Market-The triangle of opportunities: Any brand aims at becoming customer’s favorite. It involves strategic planning and exhaustive study on the part of a marketer to be able to establish a link between her product in the market and the target audience. The biggest challenge for a marketer is how to motivate a customer to purchase a product. Presenting the product in the market in a way which will be imprinted in the minds of the customers is definitely a good way. People will remember the attractive packaging, the offers, and the pricing. There is more to just getting a place in the mind of the customers. It is how to connect to the customers’ hearts. Public memory is short lived, so it is of utmost importance to be able to establish yourself in customer’s heart. People respect and adore something which they can relate to at a personal level. This makes them think that they are the sole owners of the product and the product is exclusively meant for them. Once a product connects itself to the customers then there is no looking back. The product will be able to prove itself in the competitive market and certainly be a huge hit.

Emotions in marketing activities- No cake walk! Marketing world is all about being creative. When it comes to being creative using human emotions as ingredients, it becomes truly challenging. The marketer has to handle the activities in a very sensible way. A minor mistake or a miscommunication will completely change the scenario and show the product its path to doom. Introducing emotions into advertisements or promotions is a demanding task. The primary emotional connects are love, fear, pride, guilt and greed. There are various ways to achieve the right target. Some well tested and successful formulae are creating a story about the product/service, depict tale which inspires one to be one self, inspirational talk to enlighten or even creating characters which are real and practical with whom common man can connect.

What an Ad! Indeed Striking: There are various ad campaigns popular in the Indian market for their simplicity which in fact facilitated in connecting people with the product. The Cadbury‘s “Shubh Arambh” directly connected with Indian culture and values. It created an impression in the minds that having Cadbury is like a lucky charm before starting any new venture. When mountain dew came with “Darr Ke aage jeet hai”, it inspired many youngsters to be courageous in their action. Parachute’s “Tum toh ho gorgeous humesha” targeted the women. It showed how one feels good and confident when complimented. It subtly highlighted the persona of an Indian girl.

Nike’s “Bleed Blue” campaign reflected the love of Indians for cricket. Insurance companies, Incredible India, Nestle, Coke, Nerolac, and Maggi etc. are some examples which use this technique of marketing.

The future: The thumb rule is Win their Hearts. The emotional marketing is the language of the heart. Emotional marketing is a winning trend in the current market. Even in the days to come there will certainly be more innovations in this field and the market will see more idea driven solutions. A marketer should always remember heart share is equally important as market share.

Be the reason behind someone’s smile. Connect emotionally!

This article has been authored by Swetali Kar from XIMB.

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