Power of Colors in Marketing

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on August 01, 2011

Colors have a large impact on our lives. Whether you opt for a red dress or white shirt will have an impact on your mood. The effect, though at a subconscious level, is certainly strong enough for the companies to take notice and exploit. Choice of colors for the logos, the interiors of the showroom and even the uniform of the salespeople has become a highly sensitive issue as it will define how the customers perceive and experience any particular brand.

Power of Colors in Marketing

Before we go to the application of this ‘power of colors’, let us acquaint ourselves with a few strong emotions that are associated with certain colors.

Red, for example, is known to increase your pulse rate and heart rate. This leads to higher metabolism rate and raises your appetite. The qualities associated with red are aggressiveness and outspokenness.

Blue, on the other hand, makes us feel calm and peaceful. The characteristics linked with it are trustworthiness, commitment and dependability.

Purple is a color that is associated with royalty and luxury. It is considered to be feminine color that has an innate romanticism in it. This, though a new usage in consumer goods, has recently been used to sell a brand of soaps.

Similarly colors like black and green are known to leave you feeling sophisticated and refreshed, respectively.

Like any developing science, this school of thought has found its critics. Now, one activity that strengthens the argument in favor of this ‘science’ of power of colors the most is the fact that it is already in use all around you. Fast food joints utilize these effects of colors on us by using dominating colors like red and yellow. Both of them are associated with fast and pumped-up lifestyle. They will increase your appetite and also make you eat faster. Thus, it’s a win-win combination for the house.

Armani showrooms are predominantly black, implying a sophisticated and refined brand. Osho Ashram in Pune uses the color black to strengthen its positioning as a posh and chic ashram. Most of the high end bars and pubs utilize follow these rules to design their interiors. Thus you’ll find high usage of the colors red and black in these places. I hope that explains the usage of the color black chosen by F-bar for their visiting cards and the color red chosen by Ogilvy for theirs.

Now, the only question left to answer is why should you be concerned?

The answer is that you need not be. You should just be aware of the choices you make and how it’ll affect your mood for the day. When you’re painting your home, choose colors wisely and when you go out in the retail market, make sure you make your choices and not get influenced by what is ‘fed’ to you.

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