Apps Market Places-Imitating the Real World

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on August 13, 2011

After the launch of iPhone and android, one thing that rose like anything is the apps world. Whether it's apples app store for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or its the android market. The owners of such smart devices flock such stores daily and download apps.

Apps Store-Imitating the real world ?

There are two types of apps mainly - free and paid. These app stores or markets have slowly started to mimic the real world. The free apps as the name suggest are free to download. These are mainly utilities etc or demos of the actual apps. Many big brands come up with their apps to connect with their customer or to engage them.
Let's talk about the paid ones now which is the main highlight of this article. Paid apps are the ones for which  you need to pay before you could actually get it on your device.

Now how are these imitating the real world ?

In the app stores you can browse many apps as per your need as in the real world there are various options to satisfy your single need. As the apps are growing, the alternatives are also growing. You can get 2-3 apps doing the same thing for you. In short, they compete to get your attention and ultimately your money to earn revenue for themselves. Software world was never seen as a typical market before all this new invents. In many markets, software was mainly affected by piracy or torrents so the actual market dynamics really didn't apply to individuals or the end customers. Enterprises did buy original software but B2C buying was not really present.
But now the things have turned on their head. App store, android market and ovi store have apps starting from as low as 0.99$ and high end games are on average priced in the 6 to 10 $ range mainly. So at such competitive prices and no real safe way to get pirated apps people are fine with buying such apps. Piracy has not been able to affect the mobile apps world as it did to the PC world. These apps are for everything. They are even localized and are offered in local currencies too.
Now coming to actual market dynamics. These apps are offered at discounted prices many a time to promotes sales. There are few apps on the markets which track the falling prices of apps so that people can buy this apps. There is a price sale many a time in which you get many apps for lower prices or even free. Such things used to happen in actual markets.such things were not really known to exist in software or apps market.
Business is changing. World is changing but the market dynamics never change and anything can be bought or sold can not long be kept away from the basic flows of supply and demand. Lets wait and watch what future has in store.

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