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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on August 24, 2011

The dynamics of marketing are constantly innovating. The more the creativity, the more is the chance to reach out to a larger audience and leave a higher impact on the minds of people. Over the years, the face of marketing has gone a change. Initially, marketing on radio and through newspapers was considered to be the best way to reach out to the people. Then TV revolutionized marketing as it meant a larger viewing audience which could see products and services at home. However, the next revolution that took place in the field of advertising and marketing was due to the internet revolution, which is everyday changing the rules of the game.


Internet Marketing

Earlier, only TV, radio and newspapers were considered the best ways for companies to give their advertisements. These were preferred because of their extensive reach, not only in urban areas but also rural areas. Companies used to send printed brochures, pamphlets, newsletters etc which were not only costly, but often got delayed. Nowadays advertising on TV and newspapers has become extremely expensive. This is because of intense advertising competition and the demand for more and advertising. Also, advertising through TV or newspaper doesn’t ensure that you reach you exact target audience as majority of the people form the non-target segment. However, the internet and social networking sites have changed this scenario completely.


Nowadays, internet has become the most prominent medium of marketing. Internet not only gives a platform to advertise at an extremely low cost but also ensures that the exact target audience can be selected for marketing the products and services. Companies can tell their customers about new offers through newsletters and updates on a regular basis by sending those emails, facebook or twitter. This is extremely cost effective and also helps companies in time management. Also, it gives an opportunity to customers to give an instant feedback to the company about their offerings.


YouTube is another medium which has revolutionized the marketing scenario. Games, movies, products etc are launched with teasers on video sharing websites through innovating marketing. Such video sharing websites are a better option that TV channels as people can access them anytime, anywhere. Also, creating your own channels ensures tapping the exact target audience and still being cost effective. Viral marketing also spreads through controversies which spread like fire on such websites.


Social networking sites like facebook have tools for advertising for selecting the appropriate target group. Marketing on social networking sites is effective as people respond to the similarity of needs and thoughts of their friends and colleagues, where viral marketing spreads better than the word of mouth.


Internet ensures cross cultural, cross border and cross linguistic marketing, thus enabling companies to reach out to an extremely large audience. Moreover, demographic analyzing tools also help companies in advertisement campaign evaluation and effectiveness, and helps them in improving in the long run. Mobile internet on-the-go too has become an integral part of marketing as ads have QR codes which give instant information with the click of a button.


With innovative technology and newer products, the dynamics of marketing would constantly keep of changing. The spectrum of marketing which was earlier dependent on the print media shifted to the visual media. But with the growth of internet and its core presence in everyone's life, the online revolution has grabbed the imagination of all marketers.

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