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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on June 05, 2013

Branding is confidence, passion, belonging, action, security or set of unique values.It is a collection of perceptions in the minds of audience ie., think and feel of the customer.History of branding dates back to many decades (1650’s) where farmers made a burned symbol on the cattle to identify their cattle. Branding is not a logo or identity.

If the set of beliefs held by the customer on a brand is trustworthy,its no matter how small the brand is,it will reach heights.Take case of Coco-cola,In 1886,when coco-cola was introduced only 9 bottles were sold,but in 2010  1,600,000,000 were sold making a profit of $70,452,000,000 which is more than the total GDP of countries like Bolivia,Kenya,Bahrain combined.Once brand image is established it is difficult to alter it,for example take the case of LG (Life’s Good)brand which is well established among the people for their electronic gadgets but the same LG manufactures shampoos and soaps which is not known to many,even it is known people are not ready to buy it.

Why branding important?

As the economy slumps an organisation brand can become its most solid asset “

-Bussiness Week

Branding is one of the biggest assets of an organisation and they create lasting long impression among our end users thereby preventing our sinking business. But branding needs proper communication.Though you make best quality product, without proper communication, you can’t be a best seller. In long term perspective, there is a need to invest in brand promotion and quality in order to create brand identity, custom awareness and loyalty so that your end customers will become “self promoter” of your brand.

“When people use brand as verb, it is remarkable”

-Meg Whitman

Google it, face book it, Skype your family, Photoshop your picture.  These verbs mark the success of these brands and these are the so called best brands of the world.  But earlier brands belonged only to farmers, manufacturer and advertisers.  Now it belongs to YOU, and here comes the concept of PERSONAL BRANDING. No matter where you are, at home or outside, you are surrounded by brands. Have a quick look around! You will be amazed by the number of brands you notice.

Start by looking at yourself...

Clothes that you wear, shoes which match your style, fancy gadgets like watch and mobile or accessories like pen and wallet, almost everything you use or wear is branded. The brands you carry reflects a part of your personality. 

Regardless of your age, status and profession you are branded each moment of your life. Throughout your life you support and endorse other brands but forget to promote the most crucial brand “YOU!” Personal Branding is taking branding a step further. A step closer to You!

The concept of personal branding was very first explained by Tom Peter in 1997 in a book called “BRAND YOU 50”.  This book has popularised the concept of personal branding.  Personal branding is nothing but the way you make people perceive about you.  It means creating an identity, image and perception in the minds of people about YOU.  It is not at all the celebrity concept for example: Dilip Chhabria is a person well known for car modification. He is not a celebrity nor he has nothing to do with media but he performs extremely very well in his field.

The main objective of personal branding is to make your target audience think of you when they think of your industry vertical or personal quality or both.  Personal branding should be controlled by us or otherwise, others will take control of it. Personal branding is a process to be known as a brand in the industry segment you want to make your career. It is the way you market yourself to others and how people see you. The approach you take today will define your image and reputation in the future.

Personal branding is for individuals who don't want others to control their brand image

Brand yourself before people start branding you”

Benefits of personal branding:

During recession period of a company, good personal branded people with excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) , good presentation skills and time management skills are always retained compared to other people because for employers we all are same until we establish ourself.

Personal branding discovery:

  • Identify your Unique Selling Point(USP)
  • Apply skills to our profession
  • Translate your job into passion

Personal branding in career management:

  • Don’t switch jobs if it is NOT contributing to your BRAND
  • Select right project in your jobs
  • Build network in the organisation you plan to join
  • Maintain good references in your current organisation
  • Create dependability(Make people rely on you)

Personal Branding Tool Kit :

It is sum of all the marketing material required to promote the “ BRAND CALLED YOU “.Some of the collaterals of personal branding tool kit include

  • Domain Name
  • Website
  • Personalised E-Mail Address
  • Social media
  • Business cards
  • Portfolis CDs

Finally i would like to conclude, create your own Personal Branding kit with the belief that “YOU ARE THE BIGGEST BRAND” and Mark your success in whatever may be the field you step in.

Article has been authored by Anupriya.G.D from Anna University

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