Networking - A Necessary Course for every Curriculum

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on June 13, 2013

The Day I started By M.B.A Journey, the first word I heard was Networking. After my Induction Program me, I was certain that even after entering into the industry, whether I learn something or not, whether I will put efforts or not, if I can make good contacts then I can definitely survive and earn name in the industry.

Networking which in Hindi is popularly known as “JUGAAD” means, to maintain long term relationship with someone by obliging them with or without any consideration in lieu of getting favor in return from the other person in future, if and when required. In the industry networking in is also interchangeably used with more sophisticated term known as “Lobbying”.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of networking. On the positive side, it gives more opportunity to an individual to develop and achieve, but you also cannot ignore the darker side i.e. in Industry, some people after establishing themselves use this at their will and wish, and the best example is, “Casting Couch” in Entertainment industry.

As per one school of thought, there is direct co-relation between Alcohol and Networking. As per one survey resurvey 80% of the people network faster and effectively with others over a drink. Thus, one can say to make healthy network, you must have guts and you must be ready to sacrifice. Contrary to the above thought one school of thought believe, if you have talent and skill, then you will definitely survive well in long term even without large network.

As per few psychologists, a person who enjoys benefits of networking from the very early stages of his life, definitely lives more healthy and peaceful life as compared to the a person who makes his own way through hard work and talent.

Here is the comparison of the life-cycle of a less talented person with Network and a talented without Network:

Life - Cycle

Average Person With Networking( Assuming parent’s networking till he/she is grown up)

Talented person Without Networking


Can Study in one of the finest schools of the county. Benefits

Good Communication skills, and overall personality development.

Can get admission in Avg. School, but will definitely lack overall personality development.


Can be an all- rounder (ex. Sports, singing, dancing etc.) since he/she has no pressure for grades as well as full option to make career in any field.

Even after having a lot of talent in a particular field, will have to concentrate toward academics.( Due to parental pressure as  well as lack of options)


Will get admission in world class colleges/ universities.

After getting merit in state/national level competitive exams, will get into top Govt. colleges/ Universities.

Post- Graduation

Again can study into the college of their own will and wish

After a lot of hard-work, this person gets admission into Tier-1 college of the country.


Will get his/her dream job, or even can start his/her venture through lobbying.

After spending a bomb on studies till post- graduation, lot of pressure for ROI and end up in a mediocre job with profile of not his/her wish.

Even after the last stage of the above mentioned table the playing field does not equalizes for people from both the categories. A person in the former case always enjoys an added advantage over the later even after entering into the industry and throughout his lifetime.

Let’s look at the less brighter picture of Networking. Few recent and popular instances of lobbying which created destruction in recent times like 2G Scam, Coalgate, LIBOR, DLF etc

To mitigate or survive from Lobbying, few suggestive steps that are expected from the government of a country are:

  • More Laws like Right to information Act should be passed
  • Lobbying is possibility only for those who have extra Vitamin M, So steps like:

  Taxing More to Super Rich,

  Increasing Tax on Luxurious Goods,

  Strict Auditing Norms for HNI’s etc. Should be imposed etc.

Thus, I feel that if, Networking is the most effective way to survive without struggle in life, then this trait must be injected into a toddler even before he learns numbers and alphabets, because who knows he even doesn’t require that also, with proper efforts and hard-work in making good contacts from his/her initial days.

Article has been authored by Rakshit Bapna, SIBM Bangalore.

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