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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on June 24, 2013

Mind..!! One of the most beautiful creations of God..! And surely the toughest thing to understand..!! The success of a true Marketer is to understand what the mind of his target customer thinks and that is where Neuro Marketing comes into picture. It is the process of analysing the processes going in customers mind into order to have a better understanding of thoughts and behaviour of a customer thus enhancing the marketing techniques. Though many marketing expert take this word as a new buzz word but Neuro Marketing existed from 1991!! The first survey in this field was conducted in USA in 1991.

Why is Neuro Marketing done?

Subconscious level, the level at which majority of the purchasing decisions is done. Traditional method of understanding the conscious level is of nearly no use in this highly competitive world. Neuromarketing thus provides the Marketer to look whether the Brand is able to stir up the emotions of the customer and thus able to make a bond with its customer. If you see that the product is not able to get involved emotionally or not able to create bond you get to understand that you need to change the strategy or the product. We can see that thus Neuromarketing is a boon given to marketing experts to see what runs below the conscious mind.

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How is Neuro Marketing done?

Well yes this is a million dollar question. The brain responds to creative stimulus and then the marketing experts’ try to study which emotions those ideas trigger. It is natural that you connect to the brands and experiences that make them "feel" something. So resulting into creation of an Emotional relation between the Customer and the Brand.

Let us get down to some examples to understand how different trends have developed from this:

TATA tea – Jaago Re campain : a campaign that most of the people can easily recall. Simple reason for this recall is Emotional Attachment that the campaign was able to generate. You must be thinking how does this relate to NeuroMarketing? The answer is Human brain tends to generate a feeling of empathy in this condition when it is shown the scenes that they can relate to themselves. Once you are able to generate that empathy feeling you can tailor the message around it and make it a cause based marketing. Other example in the same line is Idea’s save paper campaign.

“Have you smelled chocolates in Chocolate stores?” ask this question to anyone and am sure that 95% of people will reply ‘yes’. But do you think that chocolates stored in container and packages can smell outside it? Yes you got it right. Smell Marketing is used though this method of marketing is very limited to food sector in India e.g. Now a day’s hotels use various fragrance to increase sales but in world they have various applications like: children’s toy shop Hamleys uses pina colada smell and they say that parents they tend to stay longer in the store because of it.

Be it old tag-line of Big Bazaar: 'Isse Sasta Aur Accha Kahin Nahin' is also a result of neuromarketing because it’s an emotional connect with the Indian consumers mind which looks for best at very cheap rate. It is seen that pregnant women have a greater sense of attraction that are marketed as more hygienic in nature.

One example that we can figure out is in Shares. Yes every company subconsciously uses Neuromarketing in share market. They go for split of shares the simple reason being that a human mind subconsciously avoids investing in shares that are very costly so what do companies do that they split the shares.

Going through one of the survey conducted by top20 most desired brands in the world: a NeuroMarketing ranking

Top 20 Most Desired Brands in the World





Johnson & Johnson







National Geographic


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General Electric










Bed Bath & Beyond






Animal Planet












Procter & Gamble







We can see that in case of women the brands like Johnson & Johnson, Olay and Tropicana have place but in men you find mostly products related to technology.

Ethical Issues in Neuro Marketing:

When a marketing expert sees that there are complaints about their product, most of the experts now-a-days rather than upgrading their product they change their marketing pattern and give it an emotional touch and sell the same product and it is seen that their sales do shoot up. Now how ethical is this?

This is now all on you to decide. But yes remember that every time to get emotionally connected with a product it means that marketing strategy has succeeded

This article has been authored by Manan Shah LBSIM, New Delhi


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