Pulp Fiction and Inter'net'-Changing Times

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on July 07, 2013

No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance - Confucius

It’s not long since we as kids used to pester our parents/grandparents to read out the classics or bedtime stories to us. Some of us heard Julius Caesar, some of us heard the Ramayan and Mahabharata and so on! When I went home this summer I witnessed something that made me realize that times have indeed changed. My little cousins, barely 10 years old, were fully immersed into the world of video games. They only understood the language of PS3 and X-box. They would be happier if you present them a newly released CD of Game of thrones than they would be if you present them a book of Alice in Wonderland or Enid Blyton. Yes, there is a generational change. But certainly no change in the way Enid Blyton captured our imaginations. So what has caused small kids prefer a FIFA game CD to a book of Hardy boys?


Enter Internet. This is what the internet revolution has done to us all! Online gaming and social networking are more popular than books with imaginative storylines! Let’s try and understand the mindset of present day kids. They have an instant attraction towards that,  which  gives them amazement or that which leaves them gaping.

Gen-Y is obsessed with graphics; its passion is online gaming. Who needs books, when you are having fun blowing each other’s brains out on screen – nothing beats that for recreation, right? And the reason for these graphics? Technology. Technology has grown by leaps and bounds in a short span of time.

The problem with the prevailing culture of instant gratification is that reading resources are in a sense, squandered.  Technology and internet have no doubt made the information readily available . Thanks to being able to search everything we want to know, we don’t even make an effort to remember the intricacies or the details! Wikipedia has disseminated information but has also made us dumb and cursory readers and made us superficial.

Many of us no longer bother to chew on entire texts, so to speak; we are satisfied with bits and pieces. But in this new world of mob-rules media, how do we know if what we're reading is quality news, junk opinion or psychotic confabulation? Before publishing, a book undergoes many processes, there is reading, proof-reading,editing – which is like  a micro-layer of ink adding heft to words. However, what we read online, who knows how relevant/informative/authentic it is?

However, all hope is not lost! Thanks to e-commerce that has brought books and magazines accessible just a few clicks away from us! No doubt, there has been a paradigm shift, but it is upto us to decide the NET effect! And it is upto our generation to help the kids strike the right balance between online/video games and books.

All this is applicable, not only for kids but for us too! Reading inculcates creativity, lets our imagination run wild! It develops our thoughts, and that in turn is an important aspect in making opinions!

Reading is an entirely different experience. Every text, like David Lodge says in his hilarious novel – ‘ Small World’ , is engaged in a kind of continuous intellectual striptease that hints, baits, and seduces but never really concludes!

All meaning is layered and varies according to personal interpretation! Now, only if we had the time and the dedication!

The article has been authored by Komal Agrawal, Schneider Electric

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