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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on July 21, 2013

Autobiographic poem of a brand

I got the best sales figures in town

& my products are sold off before every dawn

The brand is now synonymous with everyone

And I can proudly say..’That’s me on the OOH’ to anyone

Even though the Marketing Managers,4Ps, & STP pushed me at every move

‘There is still something more to achieve’, is a thought that runs through

There still exists some emptiness within my soul,

Whether I actually contribute towards the Cause of a better world

I am much more than a Coke can with thirst quenching features

I want to open happiness and create happier creatures

I am much more than a relishing Cappuccino at Starbucks

By contributing to the cause of fight against Aids, atleast 2bucks

For a Cause Marketer is one who earns goodwill in the Marketing town

& I shall be a brand known for a Cause that never has dusk but only dawn

More than a product,

I want to be the change in you

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Cause-You got the Power!

Does your work actually make a difference to anyone? Does your job profile include bringing a smile back to a face that has been long lost in this #world? Does your campaign possess a Cause that has the power to bring about a Change apart from Brand Recall and Sales Figures? Do your brand activations actually connect at the ground level with your Consumer’s emotions?

These are exactly the same questions that arise in the mind of a Cause Marketer. About contributing and adding towards building positive human relations.

The term ‘Cause Marketing’ was first coined by American Express in 1983 for the Statue of Liberty Restoration Project. The 3 month campaign raised close to $ 2 million and the American Express card use rose 27%.

India has seen significant Brand Activations in recent past through Cause related campaigns. Aircel’s ‘Save our Tiger’ where you could donate funds for WWF Campaigns or Tata Tea’s ‘Jaago Re’ in which it was estimated that 6.5 Lakh Indians used the platform to register as voters thereby creating a widespread social awakening.

On similar lines is the ongoing campaign of ‘I LEAD INDIA’ a Times of India initiative in association with Maruti Suzuki is an activist programme. It seeks to mobilise the youth in the 18-24 age group and make them agents of change at the grass-root level.

The cause here is to make a difference in the society by being the change in the society and stop pointing fingers.

The consumer psychology about Cause marketing is well brought out by insights that the Edelman Research Report has captured. 82% respondents believe that supporting a good cause makes them feel better about themselves and nearly 50% said that ‘Social Cause’ ranks higher than ‘Brand Loyalty’, ‘Design’ and ‘Innovation’ as a Purchase Motivator.


Coca Cola a brand that resonates with happiness is actively engaged in Cause Marketing. The brand came up with its campaign-Happiness without Borders. It invited the people of India and Pakistan- used to living in conflict-to share a simple moment of connection and joy through its Hi-Tech Vending Machines. The vending machines aptly called as the ‘Small world Machines’ brought together human emotions by displaying real time action and initiating joyful interaction

Brand Activations form an important part of this Cause Marketing in bringing the consumers emotions directly in touch with the Goodwill of the brand. Through such activations, the message of the Cause is reinstated. Rather than being Co-Creators in case of Product Activations, consumers become Co-Contributors to the cause related brand activations.

An environment sustainable campaign needs to be effective in order to achieve its brand promise. Once it delivers on that front, it builds enormous amount of goodwill and purpose for itself.

By the time we wake up tomorrow, another 5500 men, women and children would have died in Africa due to Aids. They die because they cannot afford treatment costs of 60 cents a day. This significant Campaign for which multiple brands came together for a brilliant cause is the RED campaign-Fighting Aids in Africa. The Cause and the Goal is to have an Aids free Generation by 2015.

Partners supporting the Red Campaign are Apple, SAP, Beats by Dr. Dre and Starbucks to name a few.

A Simple Brand Activation program done by Starbucks where it used the technology to establish the relationship between the Cause, consumers and the brand has won laurels.

For 10 days, Starbucks contributed $1 on every Check-In at Starbucks stores in the US & Canada - up to $250,000 - and they hit their goal 2 days early!! $250,000 raised in 8 days!

This is the enormous power of Cause Marketing. From saving the depleting wildlife to helping a person in need of a treatment, there are immense causes for marketers to actually leave a mark behind. The 4Ps, STP, and the other so important concepts have more power than mere increase in sales numbers.

This is what makes page number 628 of 13th edition-Kotler’s Marketing Management so special. It is the power a Cause, a Brand and its Loyalty can create to prove that humanity continues to thrive in our hearts. It is that part of Marketing which has its heart in the Consumers but the heartbeats remain with the recipients of the Cause.

We as Cause driven Marketers are as simple a connection as the blood which flows into these hearts.

This article has been authored by Richard Manickam from SIES College of Management Studies, Navi Mumbai

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