9 Engagement Essentials for Social Media Success

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on July 23, 2013

According to a survey by marketing sherpa, social media emerged as one of the most important marketing channel for marketers – both in a B2B set up, as well as a B2C set up. Every brand – big or small has jumped the social media bandwagon, however, social media is still a myth for most marketers. Having worked in a digital marketing agency, I had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest brands, and, the crux of my experience is just 3 words: engage, listen and analyze.

This article talks about the ‘engage’ part of my experience on Facebook. Every brand manager wants to know the kind of content that works for their brand and ways to maximize engagement. While the specifics of each brand differ, and so does the strategy for each brand, listed below are 9 essentials that a brand must follow to optimize engagement on their page

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1) Time it right: Every page has an objective. The content for every page must meet that objective. If the objective of your page is awareness about the brand, you can achieve a higher share of mind by posting at the time when most of your TG is online. If the objective of your page is to sell a product or a service, know when would it be most useful to make a post.  As an example, a post for a hotel or a restaurant will have utility early morning (8AM to 12 noon) when people are still making plans for the day.

2) Short is definitely sweet: A Facebook internal study revealed that posts between 100 and 250 characters see about 60% more engagement (in terms of likes, comments and shares) than posts with greater than 250 characters.

3) Draw a blank – No, seriously: The study also revealed that a fill-in-the-blank post generated about 90% more engagement that a post that does not have fill in the blank as a call to action.

4) A picture is worth a 1000 words and an album worth even more: As a ballpark, a photo album post generates around 180% more engagement than a normal text post, compared to a picture post which generates around 120% more engagement than a normal text post, which in turn is more than a video post which generates about 100% more engagement than an average text post as per the internal Facebook study.

5) It’s all about now: Social media is about now. Not yesterday, not today. Keeping this view in mind, posts about topics that are already top of mind (holidays, news, and current events) are likely to drive more engagement than normal posts.

6) Sneak Peek: Give your fans a sneak peek into your organization, a new product launch, a promotional coupon, or something exclusive to make them feel special.

7) Call to action: Ensure that your post has a call to action. It also helps if your call to action is within the first 100 characters. This ensures people know how to engage.

8) Competition Launch: One way brands drive engagement on their page is through competitions. Try to make the teaser post on a Friday or a Saturday with the launch on a Sunday. An extra day means your developers get 1 more day to work on your app!

9) Regularity: As a digital media expert, I realized that the average life of a post was around 4-5 hours. Hence, it becomes imperative to keep posting regularly (2-3 posts are more than enough). As a thumb rule, it is OK to post 1 message to promote your brand per 10 informational posts.

This article has been authored by Utsav Sharma from FORE School of Management



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