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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on August 28, 2013

If you managed to capture the attention of the customer to ensure that our product is adopted by him by their lifestyle, socio-economic and even quality of life, we are talking about an absolute business success as it is inserted in both its intimacy and in their fresh memories. This is the first option in a countless amount of substitutes which are within the reach of its decision. This statement leads us to rethink the category in which lies our brand and, if necessary, should choose to build, if a competitor becomes relevant or can take advantage of, this is the new risk to be running brands (1) .

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Promoting a product to be introduced within the context and ecosystem of individuals or, in the best case, our customers or consumers, it is not easy. To achieve this it will have to make a plan of action that will shape the strategy that covers our goals, functions, and every decision taken. To achieve this goal, our company may be at the pinnacle of customer demand, but they are at some risk. The maximum risk is to question the same business opportunity. By analyzing, we must question whether to sell this or that product originates diversion of resources that threaten the organization's approach.

Another risk that can be displayed is related to the management of social networking, the fact of capturing the attention of those who visit my Facebook wall is not giving the rationale for the management of the network, but so if its use is justified by the fact capture the attention of a particular person and know that I have been treated by it. The databases can be used to market a product or service, but more than that, the network acts as a mirror in which we see reflected what we would shout it from the rooftops, but it is only feasible to do on that network. Having response to what I think or feel at a given moment, is what encourages us to continue feeding these virtual spaces that replace the interpersonal relationship.

The use of the Internet through social networks has its raison d'être to get the message desired by people who receive it achieve perform a specific action (2). As discussed in the previous paragraph, capture the attention of certain public and visit our wall, must be reason to perform an action, which can be positive or negative, the important thing is to wait for a reaction or result in what , is personalized and virtual.

The strategy to be applied in the development of an action plan has to do with the deep knowledge of the brand, to be immersed in the domestic sphere of a brand is much easier to communicate what you want of it, get the right audience and get their taste and craving. Finally we are all consumers and we are subject to the thoughts, feelings and desires, which are in the unconscious, and that direct our purchasing decision (3).

Because this is to be coated very important to listen to the consumer, observe, challenge them and meet their aspirations, desires and dreams, not only pay attention to the satisfaction of a need. When our product is placed in the range of consumer culture, necessary or not, be part of your everyday life and, therefore, will be sued in an unconscious and cater to a longing or desire.

In the field of consulting, in recent years I have noticed that you can fulfill a need for security and tranquility. "Have paid taxes gives me peace and I do not care to be wrong with authority", says Dr. Manuel Orozco, an orthopedic Aranda de la Parra Hospital de León. Similarly, a significant number of customers express a sense of peace and security for being "out of touch" with authority.

The article has been authored by Miguel Angel Nava, UIA León


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