Android Kitkat : Sweet Choco-Technical Partnership

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on September 10, 2013

As all were waiting for the latest release of Android 4.4, there was a lot of buzz going around the name of the release too. It was clear that alphabet K is the next in line and Key Lime Pie was the name which was doing rounds over the internet but on September 3, 2013 Android 4.4 was announced and ended the naming speculations too.

With recent partnership with Nestle, Google has officially announced its upcoming Android’s name as Android 4.4 Kit Kat. Many marketers consider the partnership as a fruitful one with benefit to both brands.


Android is attracting the smart phone users across the globe (I own one).

Androids Market is increasing overwhelmingly. Here’s the data :

Source: Appbrain

(Exhibit 1: Market of Android Apps on the Android Market)

The above graph explains enough about the increasing the popularity of Androids across the globe and answers Why Nestle shouldn’t avoid the deal. Thus, this strategic and wonderful move is the part of, I would say, Master Plan to create a different brand image in the market for Android.

What’s so special in these two brands ?

Let’s look at the some interesting facts

Kit Kat is World’s best selling confectionery brand. Android enjoys more than 50% market share in its category(smartphone OS).

Per second, More than 400 kitkats are sold in the world.

Depending on the taste and preference of the various countries, Kitkat has variants in terms of flavours. Like ‘green tea’ flavor in Japan and Peanut Butter in Canada.

History of Android Versions and their Sweet names :

Google has launched its first Android in September 2008 i.e. version 1.0. With the launch of Version 1.5 of Android, it has decided to give some sweet and captivating names to its android versions. The list of these Sweet names is as follows:




Android 1.5


Android 1.6


Android 2.0

Android 2.1


Android 2.2


Android 2.3


Android 3.0

Android 3.1

Android 3.2

Ice Cream Sandwich

Android 4.0

Jelly Bean

Android 4.1

Android 4.2

Android 4.3


Android 4.4

(Exhibit 2: Different versions of Android and their Sweet Names.)

Promising Sweetness that both the companies will enjoy

It was obvious that next version of android will get its name starting from the letter ‘K’ as per the series it’s following from C,D,E and so on…. But Kitkat name may fetch it a little more buzz and popularity in the market. Let’s look at the benefits:

1. Branding Recall and Awareness: Being World’s Well known Chocolate brand, Kit Kat has an admired coverage in almost every super market and convenience store of the world and so for google. You grab a Kitkat and it gives a Brand recall of Google Android. Great!.

2. Buzz: Many people or I should say most of the people still don’t know the purpose behind this move. True ?

(Image : New Nestle Android Kitkat)

This creates Buzz in the mind of Android users. The questions like – What’s Next ? arise in the customers’ mind and they await to get the truth behind it.

3. Win Prizes, You may grab a Nexus Tablet. Sales Promotion techniques have always a positive impact on the company.

4. Both the Brands enjoy a matchless image in the world. It’s a Move to fetch the popularity of each other. Kitkat gets entry to android smart phones owning potential customers, meanwhile People see the Android on the wrapper.

5. Nestle will have a digital reach among the smart phone users. (May fascinate enough to snatch a Kitkat when you yearn for any chocolate next time).


This business move may surprise the android users as well as the potential customers of it but it has an equal appeal of creating curiosity. I feel It’d be a success. The success of this partnership may invite many similar shift of disparate businesses and open new avenues in history of famous partnerships.

The Article has been authored by Devendra Rathore Amity Business School, Noida.

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