My First Online Purchase - Pros and Cons

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on October 14, 2013

In this world of ever-changing technology and continuous technological advancement, the only logical next step in the field of marketing and sales was to buy and sell online. Gone are the days when you wanted a particular item and you had to go to the shop to buy it. Because of the internet, it is now possible for us not only to buy online but also to sell our stocks sitting comfortably within the confines of our homes. For this comfort, we need to thank the following websites to name a few – Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, HomeShop18,,, and the likes.

My first online purchase dates back to 26th of April, 2013. I was in dire need of some clothes for a party and was unable to go to my regular favorite shopping haunt for some rhyme or reason. One of my friends, he is a regular online shopper, suggested that I should get something online.

After a lot of coaxing, cajoling and realizing that I did not have much of an option with this one, I finally conquered all my apprehensions and switched on my computer.

Logging on to the internet also made me realize that I have a plethora of options to shop online from. Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, HomeShop18,,, were only a handful of the shopping portals I was aware of. Choosing one from them was a Herculean task altogether.

Going by the television commercials, my friend’s experience & my gut feeling, I finally decided to shop from For beginners, is an Indian online shopping retailer of fashion and casual lifestyle products. It is headquartered in Bangalore. It deals in products like apparels, accessories, etc. for men, women and children. is an aggregator of many brands. It is renowned for its wide catalogue of merchandise and hassle free returns policy.

After logging on the website, I had to make an account on it in order to purchase anything. This step is common throughout all the online shopping portals as a measure of security as to who is the customer they are dealing with. Such a registration has to be done once and it is pretty much similar to the ones we do on social networking websites. Such one-time registration helps the online shopping portals not only to identify who their customer is but also helps in identifying whether the person is an actual individual or is some kind of hoax buyer. asks for such one-time registration for the benefit of us customers only.

Upon registration, I was directed to the home page of The website was done up very attractively with bright colors and also what I observed was the layout was very much user-friendly. With different sections for men, women and kids, the site also has separate sections for new arrivals, sports, looks and trends. That’s not all; there is also another section where the customers can shop for what they want on the basis of the brands they prefer. This makes deciding and searching for what one wants not only simple but also time-saving.

I decided upon the products or rather the clothes I wanted to purchase. The collection of apparels and accessories, I found it to be really very good and trendy. Surely the online marketers know about the latest customer trends and likes-dislikes. Clothes and accessories were not only available in different shapes and sizes but in a variety of colors as well. We do not find such kind of variety even at our local shops and retail outlets. has targeted the youth as its prime clients, and has designed its website keeping them in mind. The first advantage I would like to mention is that of Convenience to the customers.

Apart from that advantage, the customer also has the advantage of Infinite Choice to select from; the customer can easily compare the product they want with other similar products, yes the online shopping portals provide Easy Comparison of products and prices of these products. Online shopping is also Time Saving and yes one can shop online at any hour of the day. It works 24x7. Talking about products, each and every product has an option to comment about the product. If you read negative reviews about the product you like, you can easily avoid it. Luckily in my case, the apparel I selected had some really positive reviews. That further egged me on to buy it.

Once the selection was done, it was payment time. While purchasing online, the most thought about problem by a majority of customers is how are we supposed to pay for the product? What if our personal account details would be misused by the online companies, etc. In order to overcome this fear, a majority of online shopping portals have a variety of payment options. Some of the popular ones are – Cash on Delivery, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Net Banking.

Being a first time online shopper and the conventional shopper that I am, I opted for Cash on Delivery. I would have to shell out the product price when the product arrives at my doorstep within a week’s time. Yes a majority of these shopping portals promise to hand over the product within a week’s time following the date of order. That is quick enough because you generally receive the product within 3-4 days maximum. I got mine within that time.

Also one of the most crucial advantages of online shopping is the Returns Policy. These websites give you the option of returning the product if you do not like the product or there is a mismatch.

This article being about the pros and cons of online shopping, the pros having being discussed pretty much in detail, now is the time to talk about the cons and the disadvantages. Well, frankly the disadvantages are quite few, the only ones being the apprehensions of the people to purchase online, the fear that they would be cheated, not get their product on time.

If you ask me personally, I would say that I did not face much of a difficulty with my first time shopping and you like to conclude my article by saying that online shopping has more pros than cons and it is definitely the next big trend in the field of marketing and also it is going to stay for a real long time.

The article has been authored by GAUTAM SALUNKE - SMT. K.G. MITTAL INSTITUTE OF MGMT., IT & RESEARCH.


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