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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on November 30, 2013

Social networking is a revolutionary concept in itself. The concept that originated to connect people around the globe and shrink the world, gradually developed as a great tool for marketing and promoting and collaborating businesses. The power of social media was realized once the power of collaboration was realized.

Today, social networking, blogging, chatting all can be innovatively used to promote and create businesses, acquire new customers as well as for customer service. It is just another tool to showcase the business offerings and create value for the customer. This revolution helps in sustained promotion of one’s business at almost no cost and multiplies the viewership by attracting social media addicts. Not only for direct business promotion but social media can be innovatively used for selecting the right resources for the organization, deploying the resources at strategic locations, collaborating with experts / expats online and service the customers round the clock from remote locations. All these benefits together makes it possible even from small start ups to dream big, acquire customers from unknown places, make one’s presence felt globally and multiply the possibilities.

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These are some of the innovative ideas that can make your business multiply in no time –

1. Acquire the right resources for your business – acquiring right resources is no more a problem for the start ups. In addition to paid job portal services now companies have opportunity to use social media for their hiring. Since social media forums or groups belonging to particular interest group attract talents of same nature, this can be used as a tool to attract such talents and then the hiring organization can pick and choose their talent. These forums can give easy access to the right talent and some examples of their creations or work or right referrals. Social media also tells us about other interests of a person and about one’s social life. This helps in hiring the right person who will fit the organisation’s culture and ethics.

2. Social forums to attract more customers – Social forums in social networking sites has a potential to attract unlimited potential customers and other business houses that can be potential customers of the offerings made by the start business. This gives enormous boost to any business house for keeping the customer attracted all the time. New contests designed for customers to keep the excitement about the company’s offerings alive does not cost the company much but generate much needed excitement among its followers so that the company can generate new businesses or keep the existing customers engaged. These contests ask the participants to share the contest idea with their friends / followers in different social networking sites and hence multiply their fan following and potential customer base. Word of mouth spreads to create new business at almost NO extra cost for the business.

3. Blogging to generate new ideas – Social networking and specifically blogging can be a very innovative tool to generate new business and marketing ideas or to understand what the customer wants from the business at almost no extra cost. Now corporate houses can create a simple contest around their product / service line and ask the bloggers to share their blogs in all possible networks of theirs. These blogs contain links to the company website and create free content / ideas for them. Simple prizes of company product can easily create innovative and path breaking ad campaign created by the bloggers all of whom are very innovative. This saves a lot of money for the company and generates free publicity for them. Word of mouth spreads faster than any established marketing channel.

4. Chatting for enhanced customer service – Chatting, which was once a tool to connect with distant friends can be easy tool of delivering business value and enhanced 24X7 customer service to the remote customers at almost no extra cost. This way the corporate can service global customers as well. All they need is a secured internet connection.

5. Social Forums for networking of experts – These forums not only bring in global experts of the company from different parts of the world together but these can also bring in experts from different companies together. This can help solve knowledge issues of certain very specific areas where getting same competency may be difficult. For example, a field support technician giving some technical support service at one place may post his query on such a forum and get answers from the experts of the same forum at no extra cost. These answers / hints can help the technician solve the original issue. Thus the value is delivered to the customer at almost no extra cost and real time solutions are also made possible.

So it is seen the social networking if used properly can provide the much needed boost for your organization. So what are you waiting for, just go for it and kick-start a new business today.

This article has been authored by Partha Sadhukhan from Unisys

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