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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on December 15, 2013

Apple i-phone made many people confess that I’m a brand loyal to Apple. I just love it. Then, comes Samsung’s new Galaxy range and it snatches the choco pie from apple. So, Where are those Mr. and Ms. loyals ?

So, shall i confess here that I’m a brand loyal and a liar as well? For a customer, there’s nothing more satisfiable then spending right penny on right product. Agree ?

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‘Being in relationship with one particular brand, We also flirt on other hot and tempting ones as well’ and this lure make us to Break up with the old one’.


For example, if Alen loves Alice and being with her since last 3 years, didn’t even look at the other beauties hotter or more talented than Alice, Then the relationship is Loyal.

Similarly, if  I’m brand loyal to P&G,  I will purchase P&G's products even if other companies, let’s say HUL’s products are cheaper and/or of a better quality.

If someone says I’m very loyal, it’s just because you couldn’t find a better deal to flirt with.


Philip Kotler describes Brand Loyalty by four patterns of consumer behaviour:

  1. Hard-core Loyals -  They’re not just loyal, they’re lovers. These category people buy only your brand everytime, no matter what comes or happens next.
  2. Split Loyals - They are Loyal but not to just 1 brand, but to 2-3 brands.
  3. Shifting Loyals - Shifting Loyals are the ones who are more indulged in Flirting on other brands; Moving from one brand to another one.
  4. Switchers - Not at all loyal. If someone offers better price and quality,they’ll skip you without any delay.

Flirt when you’re in Mall

Young relationships are more often not loyal.

Of course, this is the most prominent place to flirt. The older shoppers are more likely to follow or be in relationship with a regular brand but young blood always gets fascinated with attractive offerings. Because, you’re exposed to plethora of brand shops at one single place that give you ample opportunities to try them out.

Take care of certain things when you flirt

Look at the Heart, not the outfits: Sometimes, We get cheated just because of attractive packaging and intrigued by better offers. One day, I bought noodles from a local company just because it was looking fresh with attractive colourful packaging that ultimately disappointed me. The taste was horrible, no comparison with Maggi.

But I must Congrats to the marketer of that company to get succeed in his attentive objective.

My room mate has a confession to make:

I’ve been flirting an cheating on my toothpaste brand i.e. Colgate. I had been a Colgate user for years. My parents used Colgate, so that’s what I found in the bathroom drawer rising up. It was only thing that I was intended to purchase Colgate for my family.

Then came Flirting moment. I flirted with trendy fresh Pepsodent. I even had a serious relationship with Colgate. My mouth never felt so fresh and so healthy. Goodbye Colgate.

Friends, My question is why my friend felt like he was cheating on a brand he’d been loyal for many years?

Strong brand loyalty or let’s say Love with the brand is the ultimate goal of any product or service by the company. It’s that bond that can undergo price changes, packaging redesigning, brand extensions and market scarceness.

This article has been authored by Devendra Singh Rathore from Amity Business School, Noida

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