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Increasing role of advanced technology has enabled common man to connect the world easily and to create their personal but socially useful blogs on the digital platform. It is therefore they are able to communicate with others via sharing their thought, and disseminate information on variety of topics. Digitalized revolution has not only facilitated the common man, but correspondingly it has created the opportunities for convenient market places for business establishments those are aimed to promote marketing their products and associated offerings.

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The concept of social media is defined in various contexts; according to the oxford dictionary, the websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking called social media, this means social media or network is a way of engagement of users or communities with each other through interactive platform or it’s all about connecting the peoples at one platform. Below indicated graph in figure 01, shows a definite and provisional statistics of users who uses social media as a medium of communication at global level.

Source: eMarketer

Source: eMarketer

These statistics are showing a regular increasing trend of users for social media globally. Especially when we talk about world statistics the Asia-Pacific region had shown a significant growth in terms of social media uses. In Asia- Pacific region China is in number one and continuously behind China India growing with rapid speeds. Through the analysis of graphs in figure 02, 03 it becomes apparent that, how social media has created the ample opportunities and an innovative platform for business establishments in terms of meeting prospects. As in general the success of particular organization is acknowledged by its customer’s base, whereby that particular organization could expect fruitful progress in the market place.

Source: eMarketer

If we analyze the definition of marketing as purposed by AMA, 2007; marketing is as an activity or set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value prospects as a large. This definition predominantly emphasizes on three key aspects of marketing i.e. creating needs, communicating positively to the need based prospects and delivering the offerings in a place where it could be used. The fragile question that generally arises is how it is possible for marketer to create the preferred need within routine needs of customers, because as per opinion of consumer behavior experts need is primarily triggered for customer intentions towards marketing offerings. In true sense, overall marketing activities of a customer centric organization depends completely on how well that organization is associated with its customer base, how much it knows about the buying habits of their prospects and how quickly that organization judge the psychological and cultural aspects of a particular market place. Practically, traditional method of gathering information about prospects are going to be old and obsoleted for the reason that of day by day invention of new technology and cut-throat competition in the business world. To sustain effectively in such kind of circumstances now every business establishment regularly needs to update with considerable amount of accurate information’s. In this regard the social media and social networking might a plan role of game changer for marketers. It could be used as a tool of identifying ideas for better development, penetrating entry level responses, sharpen strategies, creating potentials and many more. A study of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has identified that worldwide, in the year 2013, several marketing companies are going to spend on average $19 million on social media as well as the social media marketing industry report 2012 & 2013 reveals following interesting facts about the use and impact of social media for business establishments.

 About 94% marketers are using social media as a tool for marketing purposes.

 86% marketers designated that social media is vital for their businesses, which was 83% in the year2012.

 Nearly 63% marketers’ are using social media for more than 6 hours and 36% use it for more than 11 hours.

 63% of people under age of 40 are using social media for forty hours per week.

 89% marketers has indicated that their social media efforts have made more exposure for their business and 69% acknowledged that social media increases traffic for their business.

 69% marketer those who uses social media for 6 hours realized the lead generation benefits for their business through the uses of social media.

 78% of marketer with 3+ years of experience gained leads from social media marketing.

 Nearly 65% of marketers found social media to be a helpful tool in understanding marketing insights, of those with at least 1 year of experience found 70%.

As the data revealed, social media is emerging as hot spot for business establishments in terms of promotion and marketing. As well as it has many advantages for the prospects, such as, through social media every one could get a kind of social acceptance for their purchasing, they may also get the right kind of references for future buying’s. Studies had also shown that, many buyers are not now only depends on company dominating information sources, in this highly wired world they are connected world-widely and get relevant information’s with the passage of needs and requirements.

Source: Top Ten Reviews

Key drivers which underlay behind the increasing uses of social media are;

a. It gives freedom to users to design their own in such a way how they perceive the world.

b. Digitalization provides opportunity for creating attractive and finest blogs through the use of pictures, colours, jungles, manuals, testimonials, etc.

c. It’s a best way for two way and real time communication among users and communities.

d. It enables users for real time information search and collection.

e. Social media is emerging as a better way for social acceptances.

In conclusion, the hybrid form of digital media has is changing the behavior of business establishments from conventional market tool to digitalized marketing tool.

This article has been authored by Pramod C. Kuniyal from Institute of Marketing & Management New Delhi


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