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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on January 28, 2014

It is disheartening & sad to know that many engineers, managers & other talented people want to work for other countries and don’t even think of entrepreneurship. In fact, engineers look to work for software companies which mostly serve to other countries. There are very few national companies and government jobs are unfortunately dwindling. It would be delightful if more people work for indian companies rather than foreign MNC’s.

Entrepreneurship is talked about topic everywhere and there is a lot of buzz around it. But only those who have capital can start their own companies.

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There is a lot of talk that very few want to venture into entrepreneurship. But people can’t be blamed because a start-up requires huge amounts of investments especially in manufacturing. Else you have to be innovative and creative to come up with something entirely new. Shareholders unfortunately are more interested in fattening their pockets than a company’s & society’s interest & its growth.

What is required is a societal way of thinking rather than a individualistic way of thinking & living. Cant the government & Indian –based companies make some use of iron-ore rather than just export it to other country? Can’t they be used in setting up some manufacturing companies?

An example was when tonnes of iron ores of Bellary were exported to china illegally by a mining baron and that iron eventually was reported to be used in Bird nest stadium in china Olympics in 2008.Why not use iron & steel to set up some windmills in country? Farmlands can be used to setup windmills along with their crops to generate wind power. If no land, why not in ocean along the coastline of the country? Many countries do have windmills along their coastlines.

Policy making & will is the key. If one doesn’t know where he is going and his goal, surely he will either be lost or will bang his head to wall meaninglessly. Manufacturing is dismal 15% contribution in country. Why the government has neglecting from manufacturing is a mystery. Solar energy is another untapped area in our country. Though most of our country is blessed with good sunshine, it is hardly tapped and unfortunately none of Indian companies figure in top 10 photovoltaic companies in the world. China has many companies in the list. Wind energy sector is largely untapped too in India. Only 1 company makes it to top ten list of wind power turbines manufacturers in the world.

What is needed is to think from a perspective of a society and work collectively to bring on change and new companies collectively which will not develop country but also address the concerns of the people. Power sector is a classic case in this regard. People have to see running a company more than a mere profit –loss statement. One has to see beyond that & foresee how they can help society and people at large.

Though CSR activities are conducted by many prominent companies, they should try to see country’s problems & try to solve it. A lot of big companies in India do not venture into new challenging ventures as they consider their shareholders first. There are many who are doing commendable work in entrepreneurship, but this work has to be beneficial to society. The Government has to take some bold steps & set up more manufacturing industries for society & economy’s growth.

What we need is collective effort of the government, we the people & all organisations together to figure out ways to improve our society & country.

This article has been authored by Sandeep V Raju from SDMIMD






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