Does mainly Controversy Sell in Media?

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on February 02, 2014

High level Corruption.


Fraud against customers.

Controversial events and people.

These are the things which one sees every single day on news channels, newspaper, magazines, and internet websites. All the media channel headlines and cover stories are flooded with dreaded and controversial news from across the globe.

Is the world running out of good news or success stories? Are the efforts behind inventions and good people irrelevant and unimportant? Or is it a simple case where only disturbing and eye-grabbing controversies sell?

Media houses these days have a tremendous reach and can reach in every corner of the globe with utmost ease. With the advancements in information technology, easy access to internet, constant connections through internet etc have made the world very small geographically. Any event or news that happens in the world, spread like fire. But somehow the 'top stories' are always controversial.

People always love to have their own opinion on every subject, and they always feel that they could perform better than the person who actually is doing it. This is nothing but simply human nature because the mind gives liberty to every individual to think that he has the potential to become the most superior person. Hence, people always take notice of any flaws that they see in others. And this is where media houses lure in their audience by playing 'mind games'.

Scandals, corrupt officials, celebrity break-ups, match-fixing, dacoities and robberies etc are all popular events which instantly catch the human eye. Add to this a few statistics, gory images, scandalous video footage and negative perceptions of people and you get a 'headline'. Since people get attracted to such news, it has become a skill to 'create news' and sell controversy.

Due to this, media houses tend to neglect the achievement of individuals in the field of science, health, sports, education etc as they are too busy promoting their news or magazines or newspapers by 'news that sells'. The true achievements of people don't get their due recognition and are only blurred in the backdrop.

Some media houses do take an extra effort in ensuring that they give importance to the important and true events, and in the long run they tend to be respected amongst the educated people.

However, the business of every business is to business. The ultimate aim of every organization is to make money and prosper. So if a majority of the media houses feel that its audiences prefer controversies over appreciating innovations, then they too are not wrong in "selling news that sells"!!

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